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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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Amador County--D. Wills, W. J. Bird, Mr. Kenedy.

Alameda County--William Rich, Isaac Flood, John Paterson.

Butte County--W.H. Holmes, Peter Blackstone, James Allen, R. Tilghman.

Contra Costa County--Matthias Cooper, Wilson Freeman.

Calaveras County--.G. Brooks,William Hough.

El Dorado County--A. Collins, H. W. Hall, E. R. Phelps, F, Hatfield,

Los Angeles County--Thomas J.Ricks.

Marin County--Aaron Sisco, I.Morton.

Merced County--Manuel Quivas.

Mariposa County--Stephen Hilman, Joseph Adams, L. A. Munroe.

Napa County.--H. M. Pennington, Jacob Sinclair, E. Halton.

Nevada County--Jordon Caselev, James H. Hubbard, Edward A. Booth, Emory Waters.

Placer Country--James Howard, Isaiah P. Gibbs, Joseph G. Underwood,--Dudlop.

Sacramento County--J. B. Starkey, David Lewis, Thomas Detter, F. G. Barbadoes.

San Francisco County--W. D. Moses, George W. Gordon, M. W. Gibbs, H. M. Collins.

San Joaquin County--W. C. Patrick, Rev. M. Campbell, Wm. Robinson, Samuel B. Hyer.

Sierra County--John Black, D. Brown, J. J. Butler.

Stanislaus County--T. W. Burgess.

Sonoma County--Elisha Banks.

Shasta County--J. J. Pindall, E. D. Vincent, Charles W. Hall, Thos. Thomas.

Siskiyou County--Samuel Kunee, George W. Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, Nathan Furbert.

Santa Clara County--Alfred J. White.

San Mateo County-- R. Hall, Thos. Forrester.

Tuolumne County--H. T. Smith, R. Banks, J. D. Guillard, A. Oldham.

Trinity County--J. D. Milling.

Yuba County--E. H. Duplex, G. R. Symes, J. Francis, A. Jackson

Mr. Barbadoes referred to a remark of Mr. Townsend, respecting the conditions of the petitions last year, when sent to the Executive Committee, and offered a resolution, as follows:

Resolved, That this Convention request those who circulate petitions for signatures to be presented to the Legislature, to forward the same to the Executive Committee in as clean and proper condition as may be practicable.

Mr. Townsend seconded this resolution, and said: --"It is desirable in circulating petitions, to secure the names of those who are esteemed our best men. There are names that have but little weight, being those of persons obscure, and often unknown beyond the immediate circle in which they reside.

"In San Francisco we took especial pains, and obtained upwards of 500 signatures of our most prominent and influential citizens. The result was our petition was received most readily, and most respectfully."

Mr. Henry--"Are petitions to be signed only by the whites?"

The vote was taken upon the motion to adopt resolution No. 24, and it was adopted.

Mr. S. Howard asked leave to make a request of the Convention, viz.: That the Convention appoint a time before it adjourns sine die, to give him an opportunity to deliver his address.

Mr. E. R. Phelps moved that Mr. Howard's request be granted.

The vote was taken upon the motion of Mr. Phelps, and the President declared the motion negatived. Mr. Phelps doubted the decision; vote retaken with the following result:--Yeas, 13; Nays, 27.

Resolution No. 25 was presented by T. Detter, as follows:

Resolved, That those persons appointed under the 17th resolution to circulate and obtain signatures to the petitions, be instructed to send them in to the State Executive Committee by the 20th day of January, 1857.

Mr. Detter's resolution was unanimously adopted.

Mr. G. W. Booth renewed the motion which he proposed yesterday afternoon, that a committee of three be appointed on publication. The motion was seconded. Mr. Townsend proposed to amend by appointing five. Amendment accepted, and the motion to appoint adopted.

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