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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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Mr. Hall, of El Dorado, moved that the State Executive Committee be called upon to make their report.--Carried.

Mr. Townsend, Chairman of the State Executive Committee presented a verbal report.

Mr. Newby asked if the foregoing was to be regarded as the official report of the Executive Committee? "Is this all we are to get from them? If so, then the Committee have been greatly remiss in their duty.

"It devolves upon this Convention to appoint a new Executive Committee; that new Committee, when appointed, should receive the books and papers from the hands of the old, as a chart by which, to some extent, they are to be regulated in future efforts, in proper condition. It is due the Committee that it should have a more formal report."

Mr. Townsend stated that the books of the Committee were in possession of the Recording Secretary, Mr. E. P. Duplex, of Marysville; that much to the regret of all, and the disappointment of the Committee especially, he had not attended the Convention.

Mr. Barbadoes moved that a dispatch be immediately sent for the books of the Executive Committee.

Mr. Anderson thought the report was satisfactory; as a member of the Executive Committee he would defend it. If the motion to send a dispatch for the books was intended as a reflection upon that report, he was opposed to the motion.

Mr. Hall, of El Dorado:--"It will be impossible for us to proceed to the appointment of a new Committee unless we have a detailed report of the action of the old."

W. H. Thomas did not see why the Executive Committee should hesitate about having the books examined. The report of Mr. Townsend is well enough as far as it goes, but it is not practicable enough.

Mr. Moore thought Mr. Anderson mistaken in the motives of those who are in favor of sending for the books; it is not that we are dissatisfied with the management of the Committee--they have done well. We had looked forward to their report, before this Convention, as one of the most important. That which was presented verbally was good, but let us now see the records.

Mr. Harper moved to lay this subject on the table.--Carried.

The vote was then taken upon the motion of Mr. Barbadoes to send a dispatch for the Books of the Executive Committee, and the motion was carried. The following letter having been received by one of the Secretaries, from Mrs. Jane R. Fortie, of Placerville, was ordered read:

Placerville, Dec. 9th, 1856.

Mr. Sanderson:--I have felt it to be my duty to forward to the State Executive Committee, through you, the proportion of the $146 belonging to the Committee, which was paid to me by Mr. Quinn. In sending it I hope I have done my duty. I am not able to say anything about the rest of the money. The amount paid to me, and which I send is $11. In addition, I send one dollar as a slight contribution to the cause, making $12.

Yours for the cause, Jane R, Fortie.

This letter was, by a vote of the Convention, ordered to be placed among the proceedings.

Mr. Geo. Miller moved that the thanks of this Convention be tendered to Mrs. Fortie for her just and honorable conduct in the matter of the funds collected at Placerville for the State Executive Committee. The motion was unanimously adopted--the Delegates rising in their seats, voted that the Secretary inform Mrs. Fortie of the receipt of her letter with the money, and the action of the Convention upon the same.

An expression of thanks was tendered the ladies of Sacramento for their proposal to assist the "Mirror."

Minutes of the last meeting again called for and read by the Secretary.

Voted to take up the subject of appointing persons to circulate petitions; four in each county, according to resolution, No. 17, and proceeded to appoint as follows:-–

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