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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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The motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. T. Detter, in behalf of Mr. Hyer, offered resolution No. 17,

Resolved, That this Convention appoint one person in each county to distribute Petitions, and direct the circulation of the same for names, to be presented to the Legislature during the approaching Session. Voted to refer to the Business Committee.

Mr. F. G. Barbadoes offered, in behalf of F. Hatfield, the 18th resolution,

That we recommend the printing of 1,000 copies of the proceedings of this Convention, and that each Delegate be furnished with five copies.

Referred to the Business Committee.

George W. Booth moved that a committee of three be appointed on publication.

J. M. Flowers suggested the propriety of appointing five instead. Voted to lay the matter on the table.

Mr. Henry offered a motion to appoint a Committee of seven, to present a report on statistics--motion adopted.

The Chair appointed the following gentlemen--P. Anderson, E. A. Booth, John Buckner, James Hubbard, David Lewis, Frank Hatfield, Minor J. Brown.

Mr. Newby expressed the hope that the Committee, in making up the statistics of the colored people, would accept no vague and uncertain statements; certainly none will be published.

Mr. Anderson remarked that verbal statements were received last year, and when they are reliable, there can be no objection to receiving them.

Mr. Henry said--"In Tuolumne county we have been particular in collecting our statistics. Delegates and the public may rely on their correctness when published."

Mr. G. W. Booth read a resolution as follows:

Resolved, That this Convention adjourn sine die, at 3 o'clock, tomorrow afternoon, and that we hold but one session tomorrow. It was tabled.

The chairman of the Business Committee again reported resolution No. 17, of Mr. Hyer, amended with the proposition to appoint four persons in each county to circulate petitions-voted to adopt.

The meetings of Committees were announced, and with benediction, the Convention adjourned to Thursday morning.

J. B. Sanderson, F. J. Vosburgh, S. Howard, } Secy's.


Morning Session.--Dec. 11th, 1856.

At 10 o'clock President Hall called the Convention to order. The XIXth Psalm was read, and prayer offered by the Chaplain.

The Rules of the Convention being called for by R. H. Hall; they were read by the Secretary.

The Chairman of the Business Committee reported a series of resolutions, as follows:

Resolved, That we recommend the immediate printing of petition heads, to be furnished to the members of the Convention.

Whereas, The Constitution of this State denies us the right of suffrage, the only safeguard of a free people, and

Whereas, We believe such a course is not only unjust, proscriptive and cruel, but inconsistent with the spirit of our Constitution, based, as it is, upon the doctrine that 'all men are created free and equal' therefore

Resolved, That we will use all lawful means in our power to secure the abrogation of the provision which deprives us of this right.

Resolved, That as a means of elevating themselves, we recommend to the colored people of California, the engaging in agricultural pursuits; also, the cultivation of a knowledge of the arts and sciences, believing it would tend to dissipate prejudice and proscription, by establishing the fact of our ability to compete with our oppressors in those branches requiring practical skill, ingenuity, and high intelligence.

Resolved, That we deprecate the excessive use of intoxicating liquors, and the practice of gambling, and recommend the adoption of some means

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