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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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Resolved, That this Convention adjourn sine die, tomorrow, (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock--not seconded.

H. M. Collins, chairman of the Committee appointed to examine into and report upon the facts in the case of Placerville, in accordance with a resolution passed at the Morning Session, presented the following


In respect to the charges brought against Placerville, your Committee beg to say that it is ascertained that the sum of $146 was raised by the ladies of Placerville, with the understanding it was to be sent to the State Executive Committee, to be used by them in carrying out the purposes of the Convention last year. This money was deposited for security in the hands of Armstead Pollock, of El Dorado county.

During the present month, when the people of Placerville met in public meeting to appoint Delegates to attend this Convention, a proposition was made to send four Delegates.

Another proposal was made to take funds from the amount collected last year to pay the expense of those Delegates.

A majority of the citizens decided against this last proposal, and finally decided to send none.

The party in favor of using the $146 being thwarted and disappointed, hastily called a meeting on Saturday, Dec. 6th at the unusual hour of 9 o'clock, A.M., got possession of the money, voted to divide the same among the twelve ladies who had collected it, which was done accordingly.

Among those who voted for the division were William Quinn, George Anderson, James Butler, F. Lawrence, J. Smith, C. Smith, J. Moss, P. Williams, Ray, Abernethey, etc.

Messrs. Quinn, Butler, Anderson, and Lawrence, were nominated as Delegates.

Such are substantially the facts in the case of Placerville, as interrogated by your Committee: H. M. Collins, E. A. Booth, Richard Hall, C. M. Wilson, William H. Thomas.

The report was accepted, and ordered to be placed on record. The Committee on Education was called upon to report. N. Henry, chairman of that Committee, stated they were not yet ready to report; he requested that Delegates would give in their statistics, and asked for further time.

Mr. Phelps, of the Finance Committee, presented a resolution from that Committee.

Resolved, That each Delegate be assessed in the sum of $2.50, to defray the expenses of the Convention.

Mr. Hayne proposed to amend by substituting $4 each.

Messrs. Francis and Thomas supported the amendment, and Messrs. Newby, Moore, and Wilmot opposed it.

Mr. Henry moved to refer the whole question of the assessment of members, back into the hands of the Committee of Finance--carried.

C. M. Wilson, of the Business Committee, introduced resolution No. 16,

Resolved, That one Delegate from each county be appointed to collect funds in his respective county; said funds to be placed at the disposal of the State Executive Committee, and that each person so appointed by this Convention, be authorized to appoint others in the different precincts to collect funds therein for the same purpose.

Mr. Townsend proposed to amend resolution 16, and appoint two in each county-amendment accepted.

Mr. Phelps wished to amend still further he thought the Convention should appoint four in each county.

Mr. Harper was in favor of referring this resolution back into the hands of the Business Committee, with instructions.

Mr. Newby said--"The Business Committee are not compelled to report back resolutions so referred; they are often otherwise disposed of we had better act upon this question now."

Mr. Anderson thought gentlemen were wasting time in the discussion of a matter of so little importance. He moved to lay resolution 16, with the amendment of Mr. Phelps, on the table.

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