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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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Mr. Newby said--"I hope this resolution will be recommitted, and the Committee instructed to erase the word 'Mulatto,' from it. Such a word ought not to be used in application to any class of men; it is of Spanish origin, false in its signification, referring, as it does, to the mule. If it simply means cross mixture, the word will apply with equal propriety to the mixture among the divisions of the race, without a drop of African blood in their veins."

Mr. Townsend said--"I do not perceive, in the remarks of my friend, Mr. Newby, any good practical reason for discarding the word 'Mulatto;' it is commonly used to designate a class; the public are familiar with it, and so are we; as generally used no opprobrium is intended, besides it is the term used in the Statute; to have it erased from the Statute, is, indeed, the object for which we are laboring. I trust this resolution will be adopted as it is."

The hour of 2 o'clock having arrived, the Convention adjourned to 4 o'clock.

J. B. Sanderson, F. J. Vosburgh, S. Howard,} Secy's.


Afternoon Session.

At 4 o'clock the President called the Convention to order, and prayer was offered by the Chaplain.

Minutes of the Morning Session read and approved.

Resolution No. 13, of the series, reported by the Business Committee, pending at the adjournment of the Morning Session, again read.

Mr. Henry moved its adoption--carried.

J. H. Townsend moved that Mr. Isaiah Gibbs, of Placer county, be invited to take a seat in the Convention as a member--motion adopted.

The series of resolutions presented by Mr. S. Howard, at the Forenoon Session were taken up, on motion of J. Hubbard, and referred to the Business Committee.

Mr. P. Anderson asked leave to read a series of resolutions--granted. Mr. Anderson's resolutions related to the establishing, conduct, and support of a State Press.

J. Francis moved that the resolutions of Mr. Anderson be referred to the Committee appointed to report upon the subject of a State Press--carried.

Mr. Francis thought it would facilitate business, if gentlemen wishing to present resolutions would place them in the hands of the Business Committee, and let them come before the Convention through that medium.

Mr. Newby read an article from the Sacramento spirit of the Age, of December 10th, as follows.


This body met yesterday morning in the Seventh street African Methodist Church, and after electing officers, etc., adjourned until the afternoon. Nothing of importance occurred in the last session. They met again this morning; there were about one hundred persons in attendance, and a more decent appearing body of men we have not seen any where together.

The Rev. Mr. Moore, acting as Chaplain, initiated the proceedings with prayer and the reading of Scripture, making practical application of certain passages, by a few piquant remarks as he went along. The elocution of the speaker was very distinct and natural, contrasting strongly with the nasal mannerism quite common in the pulpit.

The article elicited expressions of gratification from several gentlemen, and was approved by all.

Mr. Francis read resolution No. 14, Resolved, That hereafter, all matter extraneous and foreign to the three great objects set forth in the call of this Convention be suppressed. This resolution was adopted.

Mr. George W. Booth presented a resolution as follows:

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