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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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and the light of truth begins to dawn. May God control our thoughts, our hearts, and our actions; as with his blessing, we had success in convention last year, so may we, with his favor, have success in our present convention.

Mr. T. Detter moved that a committee be appointed by the chair to prepare business for this convention. The motion was adopted, and the following gentlemen were appointed as the Business Committee,

J. H. Townsend, B. B. Young, N. F. Henry, G. W. Miller, M. S. Haynes, R. Hall, T. Detter, A. Sisco, J. Francis, T. Duff, E. R. Phelps, J. B. Johnson.

J. H. Townsend moved that a committee of seven be appointed by the chair to prepare and present to the convention a report upon the subject of a State Press, to be devoted to the interests of the colored people of the State of California. Motion adopted, and the following gentlemen appointed.

W. H. Newby, J. B. Johnson, B. B. Young, T. Duff, A. Ferguson, A. Collins, J. Francis.

F. G. Barbadoes moved that a committee of three be appointed by the chair on Finance. The motion was adopted, and the following gentlemen were appointed.

F. G. Barbadoes, G. W. Gordon, G. W. Miller.

Mr. F. Henry made a motion to appoint a committee of five to draw up a report upon the subject of Education. Mr. Henry said, that the subject of education was one of great importance, and that it should claim the interest and attention of the convention, and he earnestly hoped that the committee would be appointed immediately. The chairman remarked that he thought the motion of the gentleman from Tuolumne rather premature at the present stage of the convention; there was much other business of more immediate importance that should take precedence; he hoped the gentlemen would not deem him discourteous or opposed to the measure; he promised him every assistance for the advancement of his object, when it should at some later period come up before the convention.

Mr. Moore favored the immediate action of the convention upon Mr. Henry's motion. Mr. Francis said that his constituents had sent him there more particularly to work for the repeal of those laws which deprive us of our testimony in the Courts of California, and that he could not favor any other matter until we shall have made some progress in that direction, He was opposed to any action at present upon the question of Education. Mr. Richard Hall read the call of the convention and the objects proposed therein. He did not or would not oppose the motion, but thought that we should proceed in the order of business as proposed in the call.

Mr. Townsend thought that the report of such a committee as that which Mr. Henry contemplated, should refer especially to the laws which deprive children of color of equal school rights. He was opposed to the motion because it was not specific; he hoped that it would be withdrawn. Mr. Booth desired to be informed upon the subject; he had thought it was public sentiment that was the preventative. Mr. Townsend explained the matter. Upon a call for the question the motion was put on Mr. Henry's motion, and carried by 22 to 16.

The chair appointed the following gentlemen as the Committee on Education.

N. F. Henry, F. G. Barbadoes, C. M. Wilson, F. Hatfield, E. R. Phelps. Upon the motion of F. G. Barbadoes, the convention adjourned to 4 o'clock, P.M.

J. B. Sanderson, F. J. Vosburgh, S. Howard.

Afternoon Session. First Day.

At 4 o'clock, P.M., the convention was called to order by President Hall. The throne of grace was addressed by the chaplain, Rev. J. J. Moore. The Secretary then read the proceedings of the morning session, which were approved.

J. H. Townsend, chairman of the Business Committee, requested that the committee be allowed until to-morrow morning to prepare their report for the action of the convention. The request was granted.

Mr. Townsend then introduced the resolution, viz.: That this afternoon

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