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Proceedings of the First State Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California. Held at Sacramento Nov. 20th 21st, and 22d, in the Colored Methodist Chuch [sic].


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know no other. Who will question our love of country? We say to our white fellow-citizens, in spite of all the evils which surround us, from the East, the West, the North, and the South, we are with you. Where does the white man go that the black does not? If to the battle field, in conquering lands, the black is found at his side; if not with a sword, he has a soup-ladle to feed them while they fight. I am no orator, but a simple laborer, working hard and honestly for my daily living, yet have a love for liberty that cannot be repressed, as it has grown in me for years. I believe this Convention has accomplished much good, for it has awakened an interest in the minds of all, and much good must eventually grow out of it. Let us be united, let us cherish a brotherly regard for each other, and we cannot fail to obtain at length that which we seek."

The following resolutions were unanimously adopted as they were present-ed, in the following order:

No. 25. Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be tendered Messrs. Vaniel, Carter, Smallwood, and Smithea, for their services as Vice Presidents of this Convention.

No. 26. Resolved, That thanks be presented Messrs. J. B. Sanderson, J. H. Morris, and F. G. Barbadoes, Secretaries.

No. 27. A resolution of thanks to Messrs. John Butler and William Queen, door-keepers.

No. 28. Resolved, That in consideration of the extral labor required in the preparation of the proceedings of this Convention for publication, the Finance Committee be ordered to pay J. B. Sanderson the sum of $25.

No. 29. Resolved, That the Treasurer of the State Executive Committee, who is to hold the funds collected by order of this Convention, be required to give bonds in the sum of $10,000, for the faithful discharge of his duty.

Resolution No. 25, offered by D. Stokes.

Resolutions No. 26 and 28 by J. Francis.

Resolution No. 27 offered by C. H. McDougall.

Resolution 29 offered by W. H. Newby.

The Chairman of the Business Committee, Mr. Newby, read the next resolution,

No. 30. Resolved, That the Business Committee are richly entitled to the thanks of the members of this Convention, and all who have been present upon its sessions, for their faithful, intelligent and successful labors, in preparing the business, and promoting the objects of the Convention.

Mr. Newby said: "This Resolution was placed in the hands of the Business Committee by Mrs. Alfred J. White, a lady from Tuolumne County. It is all the more grateful to the feelings of the committee as an expression of satisfaction with their efforts to serve you--as coming from a lady; where the ladies are with us, and approve, we are satisfied that we are right; it is an earnest of success.

"In behalf of the committee, I return our acknowledgments to Mrs. White. It is my misfortune to be a bachelor; and unfortunately for me, also, the lady who proposed this resolution is a married lady, or I should be tempted to hazard the expression, of not only my gratefulness, but also my admiration of, her, in other circumstances."

Resolution No. 30 was adopted amid applause.

Some inquiries were made by delegates in regard to communicating with each other, and promoting the objects of the Convention.

It was suggested that delegates should call meetings in the counties and towns of their residence, form local organizations, appoint committees, collect funds, circulate petitions, and keep up a correspondence with the State Executive Committee.

Six o'clock P.M., having arrived arrived, the choir attached to the church, by request, sung an Anthem, selecting

The Earth is the Lord's,

And the fulness thereof.

The Chaplain pronounced the Benediction, and the President declared the Convention adjourned sine die.

Note.--In closing these minutes, I take occasion to acknowledge my

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