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Proceedings of the First State Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California. Held at Sacramento Nov. 20th 21st, and 22d, in the Colored Methodist Chuch [sic].


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Current Saved Transcription [history]

San Francisco, H. M. Collins, -------------------$1,250

Sacramento, J. G. Wilson, -------------------------600

Nevada, Dennis Carter, --------------------------- 500

Yuba, Isaac Triplett, -------------------------------- 500

El Dorado, Joseph Smallwood, ------------------1,200

Butte, Isaac Triplett, ---------------------------------150

Alameda and Contra Costa, Fielding Smithea,-- 200

Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, W. D. Moses, ------200

Sierra, Albert Vaniel, --------------------------------- 200

Tuolumne, John H. Morris, -------------------------- 500

San Joaquin, Jeremiah King, ----------------------- 150

Total, ----------------------------------------------------$5,450

Mr. Phelps proposed resolution

No. 21. Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed to report before the close of this Convention, upon the propriety of establishing a paper for the use and benefit of the colored people of this State.

Adopted, and Messrs. E. R. Phelps, W. H. Newby, and D. P. Stokes, were appointed the Committee.

On motion of Mr. Gilliard, it was voted that this Convention adjourn sine die, this evening, at six o'clock.

Mr. C. H. McDougall offered resolution No. 22, proposing the establishing of a banking-house by colored men, in this State.

Mr. J. H. Morris said: "Mr. President, I am opposed to the passage of this resolution. Does the Convention propose to take care of the whole political, moral, social, and financial interests of the colored people of this State? I think not. Let us, then, leave the question of establishing banks. We have already undertaken herculean labors. Let us resolve less, but do more. Besides, we have not forgotten the experience of the past year. Can we expect to succeed in banking operations, where so many have failed? There is a prevailing sentiment of hostility against banks, throughout the State. Nor can we hope to bring a greater amount of capital, experience, a business capacity, to the sustentation and management of the proposed scheme, than have been employed to carry on other institutions of the kind, but which have nevertheless failed. Mr. President, I hope the proposition 'Will be voted down, and that we shall have no more of the visionary and impracticable scheme."

Mr. McDougall said: "There are many in the State who will not deposit their money in the banks already established. But why should we not form banking institutions among ourselves? We have men of means, of good business abilities and integrity. We need confidence in each other. This would be an effective means of building ourselves up as a people, and securing the respect and consideration of the public. There must be a commencement of effort in this direction. My wish is to call attention to the subject, but as the resolution meets with such decided opposition, by leave of the Convention I will withdraw it.

The Resolution was withdrawn. The Convention then adjourned until 4 o'clock, P.M.

Thursday Afternoon Session.

Met at 4 o'clock. President in the Chair.

Finance Committee presented a Report of the amount collected to defray the expenses of the Convention, $158.75; expenses for stationary, books and light, $12.60; balance in hand, $146.75.

Finance Committee.--J. J. Moore, Emory Waters, D. W. Ruggles.

The Report of the Committee was adopted.

Mr. William Quinn moved, that the Secretary prepare and send the proceedings of this Convention to the "Liberator," and "[Frederick] Douglass' Paper," for publication. This motion was not sustained.

On motion of T. M. D. Ward, it was voted that each delegate be furnished with five copies of the proceedings of the Convention when printed.

The next Resolution was as follows:

No. 22. Resolved, That the Publication Committee be authorized to have 5,000 copies of the proceedings of this Convention printed in pamphlet form, to be placed in the hands of the State Central Committee--the delegates having

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