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Proceedings of the First State Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California. Held at Sacramento Nov. 20th 21st, and 22d, in the Colored Methodist Chuch [sic].


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Resolution No. 17, presented by J. H. Townsend, was passed.

No. 17. Resolved, That we appoint a State Executive Committee, of ten persons, who shall reside at San Francisco, Sacramento and Marysville. They shall act in conjunction with the State Central Committee, and shall be the Medium of communication between this Convention and the Legislature.

Messrs. J. H. Townsend, H. M. Collins, M. W. Gibbs, Peter Anderson, San Francisco. J. B. Sanderson, Emory Waters, Thomas Detter, George W. Booth, Sacramento. E. P. Duplex, Geo. Simms, Marysville--State Executive Committee appointed under resolution No. 17.

Convention adjourned until Thursday, at ten o'clock, A.M., with benediction by the Chaplain.


Thursday Morning, Nov. 22d.

Meeting called to order at 10 1/2 o'clock. President Yates in the Chair.

The Chaplain read the 85th Psalm, and offered prayer.

Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read and approved.

President Yates made a few remarks, prefatory to the business of the day. "I desire," said he, "that members will not enter into lengthy and needless discussions upon every question regarding which there may be a difference of opinion, but confine themselves strictly to the legitimate business of the meeting, so that the Convention may be enabled to close its proceedings to-day, and so so in such a manner as to reflect credit upon ourselves and the cause we advocate."

Mr. Newby, Chairman of the Business Committee, offered Resolution

No. 18. Resolved, That the Chairman of the Finance Committee, be authorized to procure a suitable testimonial, to present to E. K. Knight, Esq. reporter of the "Sacramento Daily Tribune," for his full and impartial reports of the proceedings of this Convention.

Mr. Newby said: In holding this Convention in Sacramento, we expected to meet opposition, because we are not understood even by many well-informed persons. Evil reports are so often circulated about us; these stir up and bring out the prejudice which exists against us, meeting us whichever way we turn. In our deliberations we seek publicity; we court investigation; the object we are laboring for, is worthy; the means we take to secure it, discussion, peaceful agitation, the presentation of facts and arguments, are such as must commend themselves to intelligent and right-thinking men. The press is the great instructor and mover of the public mind. Had the press of this city been unfriendly or prejudiced against us, it might have stirred an opposition, thrown obstacles in our way that had prevented the holding of this Convention; but the Sacramento city press has treated us with respect and fairness, and we are thankful to all those gentlemen reporting our doings; all we desired was that they would 'naught extenuate or aught set down in malice;" the reports of Mr. Knight have been fair, liberal, and unusually elaborate. In proposing this testimonial, we are as far from intimating any reward of his services, as he would be from receiving it in that light as of that motive. We beg its acceptance, as a slight testimonial of our appreciation or his gentlemanly and faithful report of us. "Fair play is a jewel!"

The Resolution was adopted.

J. H. Townsend, chairman of Committee appointed under resolution No. 13, reported the following statistics of the colored population and their wealth:

Your Committee beg leave to state that the amounts set against the several counties is invested in various branches of business, real estate, mining, etc., but agriculture is the most prominent. They also beg leave to state that the colored residents of California are in proportion to their numbers, the least recipients of public charity of any class in the State; And this too, notwithstanding they are subject to great disabilities, and are entirely destitute of any protection in their persons or property from the laws of the land, which they regard as clear proof of their capacity to take care of their families for the present, and to provide for their future.

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