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Proceedings of the First State Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California. Held at Sacramento Nov. 20th 21st, and 22d, in the Colored Methodist Chuch [sic].


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State of California; their numbers, capital, &c., and to report upon the same:

Committee on Statistics

J. H. Townsend,

Chas. H. McDougall,

J. H. Morris,

J. Q. Starkey,

E. P. Duplex,

H. M. Collins,

A. W. Gibbs,

The following resolutions were adopted:

No. 13. Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be extended to the Editors of the "Sacramento Daily State Tribune," "Democratic State Journal," and "Sacramento Daily Union." Also to the reporters connected therewith, for the liberal and courteous manner in which they have reported and published the proceedings of this Convention.*

No. 14. Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed to prepare an Address to the colored people of this State, calling their attention to the importance of the mining and agricultural interests, as a means of improving and elevating their condition.

No. 13 was offered by W. H. Newby.

No. 14 was offered by Geo. W. Booth.

Under resolution No. 14, Geo. W. Booth, A. J. White, Geo. A. Duvall, A. Vaniel, D. Mahoney, were appointed to prepare an Address.

On motion of T. M. D. Ward, a vote was passed to assess each member of the Convention the sum of $2.50, to defray the expenses of the Convention.

Mr. J. D. Gilliard offered resolution No. 15.

Resolved, That this Convention appoints persons in each County, to circulate petitions, and procure signatures to the same, for memorializing the Legislature for the repeal of the law which excludes the testimony of colored, people in courts of justice, in an action or proceeding to which a white person is a party.

The following gentlemen were appointed to circulate petitions for signatures in the Counties in which they reside:

J. H. Townsend, San Francisco; J. G. Wilson, Sacramento; John Galley, El Dorado; Fielding Smithea, Alameda; E. P. Duplex, Yuba; W. D. Moses, Santa Clara; John H. Morris, Tuolumne; Albert Vaniel, Sierra; D. Carter, Nevada; Jeremiah King, San Joaquin; Shadrack Howard, Amador; Ben min Young, Shasta; Edward Hatton, Napa; William Johnson, Plumes; J. J. Underwood, Placer; George W. Miller, Sonoma; Thomas Rix, Los Angeles; Mr. Brooks, Calaveras; Joseph Pindall, Trinity; Newport F. Henry, Mariposa; A. W. Hernandez, Butte; Samuel Kunee, Siskiyou; Isaac Johnson, Solano.

No. 16. Resolved, That a Committee of two be appointed to prepare an Address to the colored people of this State, urging upon them the importance of sending their children to school whenever it is practicable. It was adopted, and J. J. Moore and T. M. D. Ward were appointed to prepare the Address.

W. H. Newby, chairman of the Business Committee, read a draft of the form of the Petition to be presented to the Legislature, in accordance with Resolution No. 6, as follows:

To the Honorable the Senate, and House of Representatives of the State of California:

We, the undersigned petitioners, most humbly pray your honorable bodies to repeal the third and fourth paragraphs of Section 394, of an Act passed April 29th, 1851, entitled, "An Act to regulate proceedings in civil cases in the courts of justice in this State."

Also to repeal Section fourteenth of an Act, entitled, "An Act concerning Crimes and Punishments," passed April 16th, 1850.

The form was approved and adopted.

  • Editors Note: There are two resolutions numbered thirteen, but since the proceedings did not list all the resolutions in the order of their passage, it is therefore difficult to determine which No. 13 is actually the correct one. The original numbering has been retained.

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