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Meeting of the [Massachusetts] State Council, in Behalf of Colored Americans


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The Nominating Committee reported the following list:--

For President, Henry O. Remington.

For Vice Presidents, Leonard A. Grimes, Perry F. Adams.

For Corresponding Secretary, John M. Lenox.

For Recording Secretary, Nestor P. Freeman.

For Treasurer, Lewis Hayden.

For Executive Committee, Joel W. Lewis, William H. Woods, Jonas W. Clark.

The Report was accepted, and laid on the table.

The time having arrived, according to previous assignment, the Council now proceeded for the election of two members to the National Convention.

Nestor P. Freeman and J. B. Sanderson were appointed tellers, to assort, count and declare the result of the ballotings.

For first member of the National Council, C. L. Remond, T. H. Ringgold, Joel W. Lewis, and Robert Morris were put in nomination. At the third balloting, Robert Morris was elected first member to the National Council, by a majority of one vote.

For second member to the National Council, C. Lenox Remond, Jonas W. Clark, and Thomas H. Ringgold, were elected second member to the National Council.

The Report of the Nominating Committee was next called up. H. O. Remington, candidate for President, was unanimously elected on first balloting.

Perry F. Adams and Leonard Grimes, candidates for Vice Presidents, elected nem. con. elected.

The Presidents and Vice Presidents took their seats, and each expressed thanks for being honored by the general choice.

Resolutions, number 7 and 8, touching the next meeting, adjournment, &c., were taken up, and adopted unanimously.

Preamble, and Resolution 9, upon the subject of Protective Union, taken up..

H. O. Remington supported this resolution in an able speech, containing many interesting facts and valuable suggestions. It was adopted

Preamble, and Resolutions number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, were taken up. The preamble and first five resolutions were adopted without alteration. Messrs. Adam and Morris thought the language of the 6th resolution, referring to the 'Emigration Convention,' to be holden in Cleveland in August, 1854, was not sufficiently emphatic. This Convention out to express a strong and unqualified condemnation of that scheme.

Mr. Adams submitted an amendment to the resolution, so that it should read thus:--

Resolved, That while we gladly note the enterprising spirit of individual colored Americans, which prompts them to seek fortunes in California and Australia, or elsewhere, we, at the same time, regret the prominence now given to the general emigration scheme; for the American Colonization Society will not be careful to discriminate between the motives of parties or individuals, but will connect every such movement among us as tending to promote their nefarious plan of expatriation; and we therefore avail ourselves of this occasion to express our entire and decided disapproval of the plan and objects of the Emigration Convention, to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, in the month of August, 1854.

In this form, the resolution was adopted.

Wm. C. Nell moved that the vote on the adoption of Resolutions 10 to 14 inclusive, be taken by yeas and by nays. His motion was lost.

After a warm discussion upon these resolutions, Messrs. Hayden, Grimes, Ringgold, Adams, Remington, and Woods, advocating their passage, and Messrs. Nell, Sanderson, Hatton, opposing it, the vote was taken on their adoption, and they were adopted.

William C. Nell, J. B. Sanderson, Henry Hatton, and Jonas W. Clark, entered the following:

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