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Meeting of the [Massachusetts] State Council, in Behalf of Colored Americans


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Thomas H. Ringgold, Nestor P. Freeman, and Perry F. Adams, were, on motion of Lewis Hayden, appointed a Committee to report a list of officers, to serve the Council through the present sessions. Adjourned to 7 1/2 o'clock, P. M.

Evening Session--Monday.

Leonard A. Grimes, President, in the chair. The proceedings of the previous meeting were read by the Secretary.

The committee appointed on a Constitution for the Council, were called upon the Report.

J. B. Sanderson, in behalf of the committee, requested extension of the committee to prepare their plan. As yet, there had been no opportunity for the committee to meet.

The request was granted.

It was voted that Tuesday, 3 o'clock, P.M., be assigned for hearing, and acting upon the Report of the Committee on a Constitution.

Thomas H. Ringgold, chairman of the Committee appointed for the purpose, reported the following list of officers to serve through the present sessions of the Council:--

For President--Leonard A. Grimes

For Vice Presidents--William H. Woods, Thos. H. Ringgold.

For Secretaries--Nestor P. Freeman and J. B. Sanderson.

The Report was adopted.

William C. Nell and Jeremiah B. Sanderson, National members, were unanimously invited to act as members of the State Council.

Nestor P. Freeman and J. B. Sanderson were voted a Committee on Finance, to make arrangements to pay the expenses of the Council meetings.

Lewis Hayden was added to the Committee on Finance,

William C. Nell then offered the following Resolutions, with the Preamble:--

Whereas, among the objects proposed by the Pioneer Anti-Slavery Society in 1831, the following are presented:--'To endeavor, by all means sanctioned by law, humanity and religion, to effect the abolition of Slavery in the United States; to improve the character and condition of the free people of color; to inform and correct public opinion in relation to their situation and rights, and obtain for them equal civil and political rights and privileges with the whites;' therefore,

Resolved, That as colored Americans, desirous of attaining our equality, no more appropriate sphere of action, with a view to that result, than to co-operate, faithfully, with the various Anti-Slavery Organizations.

Resolved, That recognizing the differences of opinion, relative to the National Convention held at Rochester, we accept it, not as realizing our highest idea, but as an encouragement to those who have faithfully struggled on path of Anti-Slavery reform, and as an incentive to the lukewarm and indifferent among us, to be up and doing for the elevation of themselves and brethren.

Resolved, That colored Americans need not look for any miracles to change their condition; to become elevated, they must cultivate and practice the same traits which are elevating others around them; and if (as indeed we all feel it to be) more difficult for the colored man, than for others, let him work the harder, urge his way through the various avenues of commercial, mechanical and social advancement, and eventually the summit of success will be attained.

Resolved, That we cordially approve of the Resolution of Prof. C. L. Reason, adopted at the National Convention, wherein he protests against complexional exclusiveness in the contemplated Manual Labor School, and in addition thereto, would express the hope, that so far as practicable, principle of co-operation with our white fellow citizens be adhered to in all the objects proposed by the Convention for the elevation of colored Americans.

Resolved, That conscious of the reflex influence shed upon the question of Slavery in the United States, by intelligent and faithful colored Americans while abroad, we would nevertheless express our earnest desire that they may soon feel free to return home and concentrate their energies in hastening the downfall of American Slavery; for the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.

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