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Meeting of the [Massachusetts] State Council, in Behalf of Colored Americans


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JANUARY 2, 1854

The Anti-Slavery Cause, with WM. LLOYD GARRISON1 at its head, prosecuted through the last twenty-three years, has accomplished much, in breaking down prejudice against the colored man; in securing the acknowledgment his of equal manhood; in showing him his own capabilities, and encouraging him to put them forth, for the attainment of every noble and worthy object.

All honor and gratitude to the friends of the oppressed and proscribed. And when we, among the latter, cease to remember and love those friends, let greater evil come upon us!

It has long been felt that there are demands and wants, peculiar to the colored people, which none can supply but themselves:--more self-dependence, education, mechanical skill and ingenuity; industry, economy and wealth; culture of the knowledge of the arts and sciences; competition in every department of human effort; a practical equality with the whites; that facts and statistics, touching the condition and employment of colored people in the several States, should be collected; that they should meet, communicate, unite, and fix upon some plan, or plans, for the general good.

Accordingly, a National Convention of the Colored People of the United States was held in Rochester, N.Y., July 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1853. That Convention ordained and established a NATIONAL COUNCIL, with a Constitution in accordance with which, on the 15th day of November, 1853, the colored people of the several States held elections, at which they elected Delegates, to form Councils in their respective States, and to act in conjunction with the National Council.

On Monday, the 2d day of January, 1854, the Delegates to the Mass. State Council held their first meeting in the city of Boston, in the vestry of Rev. L. A. Grime's Church,2 Southae Street, and by adjournment, through Tuesday, January 3d.

At 2 1/2 o'clock, P.M., the Delegates were called to order by William C. Nell, member elect of the National Council for Massachusetts.

The following members reported themselves:--

Joel W. Lewis, Lewis Hayden,3 Robert Morris,4 Nestor P. Freeman, Leonard A. Grimes, and Henry Hatton, of Suffolk.

T. H. Ringgold and Perry Adams, of Hampden.

Henry O. Remington and Wilham H. Woods, of Bristol.

Leonard A. Grimes was appointed President pro tem., and Thos. H Ringgold, Secretary pro tem.

Mr. Grimes, on taking the chair, thanked the Delegates for the honor the conferred, and expressed the hope that the proceedings of this, the first meeting of the State Council, might be characterized by patience and kindness to one to another--a sincere desire for the good of all in all--and to that end, he invoked the Divine blessing.

On motion of William C. Nell, J. B. Sanderson,5 Robert Morris, and Thomas H. Ringgold, were appointed a Committee to prepare a Constitution for the State Council.

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