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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Citizens of the State of Illinois, held in the city of Alton, Nov. 13th, 14th and 15th, 1856.


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this call and urge upon our brethren the importance of taking action in the

William Johnson, C. W. Ellis, H. Bradford, J. H. Barguett, Joseph Patrick, Dr. Cary, L. Isbell.

Chicago, September 13th, 1856.

After the reading of the call by the President, on motion of H. D. King the delegates present were requested to come forward and hand over their credentials to the Secretary and have their names recorded as members of the Convention; whereupon the following gentlemen presented their credentials and took their seats as members of the Convention.

Cook County.--John Jones, William Johnson, H. Ford Douglass, Lewis Isbell.

Peoria County.--W. L. Barnes, Thomas Mason.

Madison County.--C. C. Richardson, J. Kelley, Louis Overton, E. White, E. Wilkerson, H. Douglass King, J. H. Johnson.

Morgan County.--A. W. Jackson.

Macoupin County.--L. Magee, J. Samuels.

On motion of John Jones the Rev. R. J. Robinson was admitted as a member of the Convention from Madison County.

On motion of R. J. Robinson, a Committee consisting of one from each county was appointed on permanent organization. The following gentlemen constituting said Committee:

William Johnson, of Cook; H. D. King, of Madison; Thomas Mason, of Peoria; L. Magee, of Macoupin; A. W. Jackson, of Morgan.

On motion of Lewis Overton, the Convention took a recess until 2 1/2 o'clock P.M.

Afternoon Session.

The Minutes of the Morning Session read, corrected, and adopted.

The Committee on Permanent Organization reported, through their Chairman, as follows:

For President.--William Johnson, of Cook.

Vice Presidents.--Thomas Mason, of Peoria; Lewis Isbell, of Cook; C. C. Richardson, of Madison

Secretaries.--James H. Johnson, of Madison; William L. Barnes, of Peoria

On motion of R. J. Robinson the Report was unanimously adopted.

The President taking the Chair, said:

Gentlemen of the Convention: I thank you for this honorable position. It is the first time in my life that I have had the pleasure to preside over a Convention of this character. You are assembled for the purpose of devising means for the repeal of those odious enactments that now disgrace the "Statute Books" of Illinois. I trust you will conduct your deliberations with harmony and order as this is Heaven's First Law.

I can only again thank you, gentlemen, for this token of your confidence.

On motion of John Jones, a Business Committee of five was appointed,consisting of John Jones, of Cook, Chairman; H. D. King, of Madison; Thomas of Mason of Peoria, R. J. Robinson, of Madison; L. Magee, of Macoupin.

The Chairman of the Business Committee then reported as follows:

Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Convention: Your Committee, in looking over the Rules and Regulations recorded in the Minutes of the first State Convention, held in the City of Chicago, October, 1853, believe that we can present no better for the government of this Convention, and would recommend their adoption. Which was agreed to.

On motion of H. F. Douglass, a Committee of seven was appointed on "Declaration of Sentiment," consisting of the following gentlemen:

H. Ford Douglass, Chairman; John Jones, R. J. Robinson, H. D. King, C. C. Richardson, Edward White, Thomas Mason.

The hour of adjournment having arrived, the Convention adjourned till 9 o'clock Friday morning.

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