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State Meeting of the Colored Citizens of Connecticut, September 27-28, 1854.

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New Haven, Sept. 30, 1854. Dear Douglass:--We held a State Meeting in the city of Middletown, Connecticut, on the 27th.and 28th ult.; the object of which was to promote the cause of our enfranchisement in this State.

Rev. Beman, Senr., of Middletown, President, and Messrs. E. D. Bassett, of New Haven, and G. W. Francis, of Bridgeport, Secretaries.

The meeting was well attended, and a general interest manifested on the part of the delegates representing the several counties in the State. Hence, harmony and decorum prevailed throughout all of its deliberations. What rendered the meeting of more than ordinary interest, was the fact, that the Rev. A. G. Beman, of New Haven, was to, and did, on the occasion, deliver one of his able addresses upon the past, present, and future history of the colored people in the State of Connecticut. I need not attempt to portray the able manner in which he handled the subject; for those who know him, know him better than my feeble pen could describe. We, as a people, in this State, are determined to put forth every manly effort on our part, to gain our enfranchisement.

In conclusion, let me say that there cannot be too much praise given to committee and delegates of the city of Middletown, for their kind warmth and generous feeling, together with the hospitalities by the citizens generally, toward the delegates from the several counties which were represented. For all of which, the meeting voted a vote of thanks, as expressive of their gratitude on their part, to the citizens of Middletown generally.



New Haven, Oct. 3rd, 1854. The State Meeting of the colored men in the State of Connecticut was held in the city of Middletown, Sept. 27th and 28th. Every county in the State was represented in the Convention; and in many places from which there was no delegate, a letter of cheering import was sent by some warm friend who could not be present in person. There is much connected with our past history which came up in all its original freshness and power on our recent visit to that place. We went to Middletown on the 26th of September, and in the evening attended a public meeting of deep interest. The meeting was held in the first colored church ever built for the colored people in this State--the first one we were ever in, belonging to them. With the friends of Middletown, gentlemen were present from Norwich and Lyme, who, by their eloquent statements, gave interest and dignity to the meeting. Naturally, the train of

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