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Proceedings of the Connecticut State Convention of Coloured Men, Held at New Haven, On the September 12th and 13th, 1849.


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Current Saved Transcription [history]

We appeal to you in the sacred name of justice and ask: Is it right to disfranchise us when our fathers either as slaves, toiled away their lives in your service, or as soldiers in the "tented field" of bloody conflict, battled until the Independence of this country was achieved?

We appeal to you as Christians, and ask you in the name of Christians, Is it Christ-like to treat the "heir of a common salvation" thus invidiously?

We appeal to you in behalf of the tarnished honor of this State, and ask you to wipe off this stain from her escutcheon, and place her nobly by the side of her sister New England States that she may be an example to the Union of Freedom, Justice, and an impartial administration of her Government, as she ever has been of Industry, Intelligence, Virtue and Religion.

We ask it that when your sons shall come up to fill your honored places, they may not feel that you, their Fathers, neglected or refused to do an act of JUSTICE which you might have performed with so much glory to yourselves, and usefulness to others.

We ask it in the name of all our people who are striving with all the energy and devotion in their power, to promote their Moral, Intellectual, Social and Religious elevation.

In the full confidence of the justice of our cause and the certainty that Truth and Reason will ultimately triumph, we submit the foregoing in behalf of the Colored People of Connecticut

Amos G. Beman, Geo. W. Francis, Sam'l. T. Gray.

Report of Committee of Finance


Cash paid postage and Paper, $1.90

" printing papers, contingencies, State Lecturer, &c.-------} 47.34

" Stationery, ------ .34

" for Temple, ----- 8.00

" Sexton, -------- .75

" -on hand towards paym't for Printing the Proceedings this Conven.} 49.98

_______ $108,31


Cash received, New Haven, $22.44

" Hartford, 14.00

" Bridgeport, 11.00

" Middletown, 7.37

" Norwich, 6.00

" Stonington, 3.00

" Danbury, 1.00

" Saybrook, 1.50

" J. B. Clarke, N. L. 2.00

" Mr. N. of N. H. 1.00

" Collections, 39.00 _______ $108.31

George W. Francis, Chairman.

To the Honorable, the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

The undersigned, inhabitants of the State of Connecticut, pray your Honorable Body to take such legal and proper measures as may be necessary to have the word 'white erased from the qualification for Electors, in the sixth Article and second Section of the Constitution.

And your petitioners will ever pray, &c.

Copy in the Schomburg, New York Public Library


1. The Reverend Jehiel C. Beman was a prominent New England black residing at Middletown, Connecticut. An active participant in the National Negro Convention movement, he presided over several of these gatherings.

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