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Proceedings of the Connecticut State Convention of Coloured Men, Held at New Haven, On the September 12th and 13th, 1849.


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Current Saved Transcription [history]

Correspondence Committee

Hartford, A. Washington and A. Posey.

Middletown, L.C. Beman and H.A. Thompson.

Bridgeport, Leonard Collins and Henry Davis.

New Haven, R.J. Cowes and H.S. Merriman.

Norwich, J.L. Smith and D. Gordon.

Stonington, L. Black and J. Scott.

Danbury, W. Peters and N. Thatcher.

New London, J.B. Clarke.

New Milford, A.J. Morrison.

Voted, That the report of the committee on Finance, be published with the minutes of the Convention.

Voted, That S.M. Africanus, J. Emery Burr, L.C. Beman, G.W. Francis, A.G. Beman and S.T. Gray, be a Committee to publish the minutes of the Convention, and that all funds in the hands of the Finance Committee, after the expenses of the Convention are paid, be appropriated towards the expenses of the publication.

Voted, That the Committee on publishing the minutes furnish a suitable petition to the Legislature, praying for the right of the Elective Franchise and publish the same in the minutes.

Mr. Bibb was here introduced to the audience, and spoke upon the subject of giving the Bible to the slaves. The following remarks by the Editor of the New Haven Palladium will give the reader an impressive view of Mr. Bibb's manner. The Preamble and Resolution which he introduced is mislaid or they would appear in this place.

"In the course of the evening, Mr. Bibb of Michigan, was called out. He offered a Resolution approving of the circulation of the Bible in those States in which there was no prohibitory statute law. He made a very eloquent speech, and in the course of it remarked, that he had been a slave many years of his life. This was surprising to us, for his color was almost a clear white, and he had the air of an experienced professional man. He maintained that the free circulation of the Scriptures was not only promotive of spiritual freedom but also of political and personal rights. He was a man of uncommon talents and evidently has improved them to the utmost since he obtained his freedom."

Resolved, That the thanks of the Delegates to this Convention be and hereby are presented to the President and other Officers of the Convention, for the faithful discharge of their several duties.

Resolved, That the Delegates of this Convention present their thanks to the citizens of New Haven, for the kindness and hospitality with which they have greeted them.

Mr. A. G. Beman being called, briefly addressed the Convention.

Voted, That the Convention now adjourn to meet at the call of the State Central Committee.

The Doxology was sung by the whole audience standing, to the tune of Old Hundred, and the Chairman declared the Convention adjourned. Jehiel C. Beman, President.

S.M. Africanus, J. Emery Burr, L. Carter Beman,} Secretaries.


No. 1. Resolved, That we regard the right of the Elective Franchise as one of the most valuable and sacred rights of man, and at once the glory and the shield of civil Government.

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