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Proceedings of the Connecticut State Convention of Coloured Men, Held at New Haven, On the September 12th and 13th, 1849.


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Messrs. Ellis and Spywood succeeded him, presenting similar considerations.

Adjourned; the Doxology was sung.

Afternoon Session.

The Convention was called to order by the President, and opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Rogers.

The minutes of the morning session was read and approved. The roll of delegates was called.

Resolution, No. 8, was adopted without debate.

Resolution, No. 9, occasioned considerable discussion; which was participated in by Messrs. Collins, Bibb, and Ellis. It was amended and adopted.

Resolution, No. 10, was then taken up, and sustained at length by Messrs. Gordon of Norwich, and Spellman.

Mr. Collins directed the attention of the Convention to the good effects of correct moral deportment, and the constant and persevering practice of virtue, upon a people, and earnestly recommended the perseverance in such a course.

Mr. Francis also, spoke of education in general, and the duties and influence of mothers over young and expanding minds. Mr. Gray followed him, and sustained the sentiments of the resolution in a powerful and eloquent speech, which elicited the frequent applause of the large assembly of people. The resolution was adopted.

Resolutions, No. 13, 14 and 15, were here called up, and advocated by S. M. Africanus, with great ability and interest. They were also ably and fully disscused by several other members of the Convention, and adopted.

Resolution, No. 11, was called up and discussed by Messrs. Francis, Bibb, Gray and Collins, and adopted.

The business committee reported resolutions as follows:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to prepare an Address to the legal voters of the State, in behalf of the colored people, and that it be published with the minutes of this Convention.

The resolution was adopted by the Convention, and a committee accordingly appointed, consisting of Messrs. A. G. Beman, George W. Francis and Samuel T. Gray.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to prepare an Address to the colored people of the State, and that it be also published with the minutes. Resolution unanimously adopted; S. M. Africanus, H. Nott and H. A. Thompson, appointed Committee.

The committee also recommended the appointment of a State Central Committee, with power to state the time, and issue the call for a State Convention in 1850, and to act in the interval of time, in the conduct of measures adjudged for the advancement of our political interests. Their recommendation was concurred in, and the measure adopted. The following gentlemen were appointed said committee:

Hartford, S. M. Africanus, H. Foster, H. Nott, and Isaac Cross; Middletown, Jehiel C. Beman; New Haven, Samuel T. Gray and Amos G. Beman; Bridgeport, J. Emery Burr and G. W. Francis; Norwich, D. Gordon; Stonington, L. Black; New Milford, A. J. Morrison; Danbury, Lyman H. Peters.

Voted, That the doings of this Convention be signed by the President and Secretaries, and published in a pamphlet.

Evening Session,--Thursday, Sept. 13th, 1849.

Meeting called to order by the Chairman, at whose request the Rev. Mr. Thompson addressed prayer to God.

The minutes of the Afternoon's Session were read and adopted. The roll was called and the rules read.

Business as reported from the business committee was then taken up.

Voted, That a Committee of two be appointed in each place represented, whose duty it shall be to co-operate with the State Central Committee in promoting the objects of this Convention.

The appointments were then made as follows:

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