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Proceedings of the Connecticut State Convention of Coloured Men, Held at New Haven, On the September 12th and 13th, 1849.


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through all lands, quickening and energizing the slumbering millions! Shall we not hear it and live also?

The shouts of hosts battling for Freedom, are wafted to us continually over the waves. Shall we not swell the sounds? The hearts of all true lovers of Liberty and Human Progress, are beating high with hope; shall we alone sit desponding and inactive? We have reason to believe that the night is far spent, and an auspicious day is dawning upon us. Evidences of progress are numerous and increasing in our own State; shall we not prepare for the crisis?

We bid you come, then, from the four corners of the State--from the valleys of the Housatonic and the Connecticut--from the borders of free Massachusetts and the western bounds of impartial Rhode Island! Let the dwellers on our southern shores who witness daily the mighty pulsations of old Ocean, come up as bold and irresistible, and roll on the tide wave of liberty.

Let resolute and hopeful men of every profession and occupation come. Age and youth--the sons of ease and the sons of toil--the landholder and the landless--there's a welcome and a work for all! Come in the strength and fear of God, and in the certainty of ultimate success by His blessing on our united efforts.

Hartford.--Rev. Levin Smith, Henry Nott, Issac Cross, Henry Foster, S. M, Africanus.

Middletown,--George Garrison, R. C. Huntington, Charles Daniels, Leverett C. Beman, Jehiel C. Beman.

Bridgeport.--George W. Francis, Leonard Collins, J. Emery Burr, Charles Hubbard, Philander Pitts, William Allen, Tunis Green, Henry Davis, J. Demming.

New Haven.--A. C. Luca, Robert J. Cowes, Paul Hall, Thomas Cisco, H. S. Merriman, John Turner, Edward Galpin, T. B. Potter, William Thompson, Samuel T. Gray, Amos C. Beman.

Norwich.--Samuel Ellis, William Spellman, James L. Smith, Uriah W. R. Pelham, Pelam M. Williams, David Gordon, George L. Williams.

New London.--William Anderson, George Fairweather, and others.

New Milford.--A. J. Morrison, Mason Gauson, Jacob Coggswell.

The Convention was called to order by Rev. A. G. Beman, of New haven; the call was read by S. M. Africanus of Hartford. A hymn of solemn praise to God was sung, and the Scriptures read, and followed by prayer by the Rev. Leonard Collins of Bridgeport.

George W. Francis of Bridgepport, was appointed chairman pro tempore, and S. M. Africanus of Hartford, Secretary, pro tempore.

A committee of five were appoiinted to prepare a list of delegates; viz: Messrs. Gordon, burr, Posey, Williams, and L. C. Beman.

Names of delegates enrolled:

Hartford--Henry Foster, S. N. Africanus, Henry Nott, Alexandaer Posey, Perry Davis, B. Randall, Issac Cross.

Middleton--G. Garrison, E. C. Freeman, C. Snipes, H. A. Thompson, J. C. Beman, L. C. Beman.

Bridgeport--G. W. Francis, Leonard Colllins, J. Emery Burr, Charles Hubbard, Henry Davis, William Allen, Prince W. West, Tunis Green.

New Haven--Amos Gerry Beman, Samuel T. Gray, Thos. Cisco, Paul Hall, H. S. Merriman, Edward Galpin, William Thompson, Charles Williams, R. J. Cowes, Minius Lyman, Francis Cisco, Peter Osborn, Thomas B. Potter, Wm. F. Bouchet, John Turner, and Robert M. Park.

Norwich--Pelman M. Williams, David Gordon, Samuel Ellis, William Spellman. Stonington--Leonarad Black, J. Scott, Abraham Morrison, Nathaniel Holland Danbury--Lyman H. Peters. Saybrook--Stephen Wright. New London--John B. Clarke. New Milford--Henry Berrian.

Honorary Members

Rev. George A. Spywood, Springrield, Mass Rev. Elymus P. Rogers, Newark, N. J. Henry Bibb, Detroit, Michigan

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