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Proceedings of the State Convention of Coloured Men of the State of New Jersey, Held in the City of Trenton, N.J., July 13th and 14th, 1865; With a Short Address to the Local People of New Jersey, Together with the Constitution of the Equal Rights League of the State of New Jersey.

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The matter of immediately publishing the minutes was brought up, and after some discussion it was ordered that the Recording Secretary should arrange and publish the minutes at the earliest possible moment, and that he should fix the price from the cost of publication and that all orders be sent to him for copies of the same.

Wm. Steward, Rec. Sec.

Trenton, N.J., July 14, 1865.

The President appoints Tuesday, August 15th, 1865, for the first regular meeting of the Executive Committee at 3 o'clock, P.M.

Executive committee. { S. G. Gould, Trenton. T. Gould, Burlington. N. H. Turpin, Salem. R. B. Johns, Princeton. T. H. Cooper, Trenton. Gideon Lewis, Bordentown. Wm. Steward, Bridgeton.



1. Resolved, That a census of the colored population of the State be taken by the Equal Right's League, of the State of N. Jersey; the number of males above the age of twenty-one years; the number of colored soldiers furnished by the state either as volunteers or otherwise; the number of houses owned by colored people; the number of acres of land owned and tilled, the average value per acre, the amount of tax paid thereon; the value of livestock owned; the value of all other stock, shares, and other species of property within the State and the amount of tax paid thereon; also the number of children attending the free schools and the average amount of money drawn by them from the State; also, the value of all untaxed property owned or held by them, such as churches, school-houses, &c.

2. Resolved, That the Recording Secretary shall be chief of a Bureau for that purpose.

3. Resolved, That the State of New Jersey shall be divided into districts, to which agents shall be appointed by the League, as provided in Sec. 3. Art. 4 of the constitution, who shall take the name, &c., of all the colored population as herein before provided, and furnish or report the same to Chief of Bureau.

4. Resolved, That each agent or deputy be commissioned and authorized, to solicit and receive, in whatever manner he may see proper, money or funds for the League, of which he may report to any auxiliary league in his district which may so desire, but which he shall pay over, under oath or affirmation, to the Chief of Bureau, together with all documents and information not otherwise provided for.

5. Resolved, That the Equal Right's League, of the State of N.J. does insist upon the general improvement of colored people in morals, education, industry, wealth and religion.

Respectfully submitted N. H. Turpin, Chairman.


Whereas, The purposes entertained by the callers of this convention, and those who have responded to that call, can be best promoted by a closer union of all interested in the principles of justice, and right sought to be established throughout this State, therefore be it

Resolved, That we proceed to organize an association to be called the Equal Right's League, of the State of New Jersey, whose object shall be to secure to ALL men all equal political rights and immunities; together with

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