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Proceedings of the State Convention of Coloured Men of the State of New Jersey, Held in the City of Trenton, N.J., July 13th and 14th, 1865; With a Short Address to the Local People of New Jersey, Together with the Constitution of the Equal Rights League of the State of New Jersey.

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Friday, July, 14th, 1865, 9 1/2 o'clock, A.M.

On motion of Rev. T. Gould, the rules are suspended, a quorum not being present, and the League is called to order by the President, and opened by the Chaplain by singing the hymn commencing

Jesus, Lord we look to Thee,

and Prayer, after which, on motion, the minutes of yesterday's sessions were read and approved.

On motion, the Rev. Jno. Hamilton; of ________, was made an honorary member.

The Chair being in doubt concerning honorary members, the motion was rescinded. Mr. Hamilton pays the fee and became a member of the League. The committee on the constitution reported a draft, which, on motion of Mr. Reading, was considered by sections.

On motion, the words "if they see proper" are inserted after the word "committee" in Sec. 1, Art. 3.

On motion, after much discussion, Sec. 1, Art. 5, was adopted after filling up the blank left with the words "in the city of Trenton."

On motion, the blank, the consideration of which was previously postponed, in Sec. 1, Art. 3, was filled by inserting the words "in the city of Trenton. "

On motion, the constitution as amended, was then adopted in full.

On motion, all honorary members of the convention become full members of the League by paying one dollar and fifty cents.

On motion, a vote of thanks was offered to the committee on the constitution.

On motion, the League adjourned until 2 o'clock, P.M., by benediction of the Chaplain.

Afternoon Session, 2 o'clock, P.M.

The League met as per adjournment, and called to order by the President. Opened by the Rev. R. B. Johns, the Chaplain not being present.

On motion, it was carried that (four) members be nominated from the League, and balloted for, to form a part of the Executive Committee.

Abijah Gould, Jr., N. H. Turpin, R. B. Johns, Gilbert Reading, Rob't B. King, Anthony Simmons, Gideon Lewis and Thomas H. Cooper were nominated, and on counting the votes, the President declared Revs. N. H. Turpin, R. B. Johns, Thos. H. Cooper and Mr. Gideon Lewis to be duly and fairly elected a constitutional part of the Executive Committee.

The business committee reports resolutions relative to taking the census of the colored people, &c., of the State of N. Jersey (see appendix) and other resolutions.

On motion of T. Gould, the resolutions were adopted as a whole.

On motion, two delegates were to be elected from this body to represent this state in the National Equal Right's League which meets in Philadelphia in September next.

Samuel G. Gould, R. B. Johns, Wm. Steward, N. H. Turpin, Gideon Lewis, J. B. Hamilton and T. Gould were nominated.

On counting the votes, Sam'l G. Gould and Rev. N. H. Turpin were found and declared to be elected to represent this state in the National League.

The financial committee reports forty three dollars and fifty-six cents on hand, also a bill from S. G. Gould, of five dollars and forty cents for stationery &c. On motion the bill was ordered paid.

On motion, four dollars were ordered paid to the Trustees of the Church for the use of the building.

On motion, the Sexton was allowed a collection from the assemblage.

On motion, the Treasurer gave an approved bond and security of the sum of three hundred ($300.) dollars for the faithful discharge of his duties. Rev. Theodore Gould being received for surety.

An apportionment was made for Princeton to pay nine ($9.00) dollars; Trenton, nine ($9.00) dollars; Bordentown, nine ($9.00) dollars; Burlington,

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