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Proceedings and Address of the Coloured Citizens of N.J. Convened at Trenton, August 21st and 22d, 1849 for the Purpose of Taking the Initiatory Measures for Obtaining the Right of Suffrage in this Our Native State.


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Pursuant to a call from the preparatory Convention, held in Salem, N.J. April 26th, 1849, the delegates appointed thereto met at Trenton, on 21st August, 1849 at 11 o'clock, A.M. in Mount Zion Church, when Rev. Joshua Woodlin was called to the Chair, and Mr. George Shreve appointed Secretary pro. tem.

The Throne of Grace was then solemnly invoked by Mr. Conover; after which the credentials of Delegates were called for, examined and approved, as follows: Messrs. Robert D. Stewart, of Swedesboro, Gloucester Co.; Joshua Woodlin, Leonard Shields, Alexander Brown, Gideon Lewis, and David Stevens, of Burlington Co.; Murray Wells, Samuel Harrison, of Newark, Essex Co.; Dr. J. S. Rock, of Salem, Salem Co.; Mansfield Herbert, George Shreve, Rev. George McMullen, Robert Thomas, Benjamin Stewart, and H. A. Burton, of Mercer Co.;Lewis Conover of Monmouth Co.; Ishmael Locke, of Camden, Camden Co.

On motion, Dr. J. S. Rock, G. Lewis and S. Harrison were appointed by the Chair to nominate officers for the Convention. During the absence of the committee, the audience were entertained by an address from Mr. Van Rensselaer, of New York city, Editor of the Ram's Horn.

On return of the committee, they offered the following nominations, which were approved: for President, Rev. J. Woodlin; Vice Presidents, Alexander Brown and R. D. Stewart; Secretaries, G. Shreve, G. Lewis, and M. Wells. After the officers had taken their seats, I. Locke, J. S. Rock, and S. Harrison, were appointed on committee to draft Rules for the government of the Convention. On return, they reported the following Rules, which were adopted:


1st. That the Convention sit with open doors.

2d. When the presiding officer assumes the chair, all present shall take their seats.

3d. When the presiding officer calls for order, there shall be a general silence.

4th. The presiding officer shall decide all points respecting order, except the house shall determine otherwise.

5th. The members of the Convention shall be the officers and delegates respectively, who alone shall be entitled to a vote in the Convention.

6th. No question but that of the elective franchise shall be admitted or discussed in the Convention.

7th. When two or more persons rise at the same time to speak, the Chairman shall decide who is entitled to the floor.

8th. All persons in speaking shall address the Chairman.

9th. No person shall speak more than twice on the same question, nor

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