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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, held in Xenia, on the 10th, 11th and 12th days of January, 1865 : with the Constitution of Ohio Equal Rights League.


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11. Resolved, That in our petitions to the authorities of the Government, asking all the rights of American citizens, that we do not mean to include such as have illegally evaded, or refused in any way, to assist the Federal army to subdue the rebellion.

12. Resolved, That we hail with joy the emancipation of slaves in the State of Missouri and also the re-election of Abraham Lincoln,3 and the installation of S. P. Chase as the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.4

13. Resolved, That as fathers and brothers of the brave colored troops in the Army of the James, this Convention express our deepest gratitude to Major General Butler for his fatherly and impartial treatment of the colored soldiers under his command.

14. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Convention that the colored man or woman who will not do for a colored person, the circumstances being the same, what they would do for a white person, is unworthy of our respect and confidence.

Whereas, Many of our rural districts are not thoroughly informed as to their rights and privileges under the State school laws, and

Whereas, In many cases said districts are deliberately deprived of said rights by Boards of Education; therefore be it

15. Resolved, That the executive Board shall compile, in a circular all laws and parts of laws bearing on the educational interests of the colored people of Ohio, and circulate the same where needed.

16. Resolved, That this Convention, in view of its very high appreciation of the conduct of our brothers in arms, feel called upon to inquire of the General Government what direct action, if any, has yet been taken to release our brave soldiers and sailors now prisoners in the hands of rebels. And that we ask of the authorities prompt retaliation for any wrongs done them.5

17. Resolved, That we appoint a committee of three persons, whose duty it shall be to ascertain the number of men from the State of Ohio who are filling regiments credited to other States; also the number of such men who have been killed, wounded or captured by the enemy, and for the sake of such killed, wounded or captured soldiers, or their families, seek to have the bounty pay or pension due them paid to them, and, if possible, to have such men credited to the State of Ohio.

18. Whereas, We believe great injustice has been done to colored recruits and substitutes by colored and white bounty brokers, acting as recruiting agents, who practice deception upon them, and take advantage of their ignorance, we feel that such men are not worthy of our confidence and respect, and they meet our most hearty disapprobation.

19. Resolved, That the delegates of this Convention be and they are hereby requested to use, in their several localities, their best endeavors to procure signatures to petitions asking the Legislature of this State to adopt such measures as will secure the repeal of all laws making distinctions on account of color; said petitions to be first forwarded to the President of the League at Cincinnati.

20. Resolved, That we view with pride and heartily indorse the efforts of the gentlemen composing the Faculties and Executive Boards of the Wilberforce University at Xenia, 0.; the Albany Enterprise at Albany, 0.; the Oberlin College at Oberlin, Lorain Co., 0.; and the Iberia College in Morrow Co., 0., to develop the intellectual powers of our youth, and for opening a field for the honorable employment of those powers.

21. Resolved, That we recommend to the patronage of the colored people of the State of Ohio, as the best family periodicals, the Anglo-African, Christian Recorder, and Colored Citizen.

22. Resolved, That this Convention return thanks to D. Jenkins, Esq., for his untiring efforts to effect the passage of the law securing to the families of our brave soldiers and sailors their rights, and also the passage of an amendment to the school law.

23. Resolved, That we do most respectfully recommend to the Executive Board of the State Equal Right's League, as a suitable person to act as an agent on behalf of the colored people of this State, with members of our State Legislature, to secure our rights according to law, David Jenkins, Esq., of Columbus, Ohio.

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