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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, held in Xenia, on the 10th, 11th and 12th days of January, 1865 : with the Constitution of Ohio Equal Rights League.


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On motion, the Secretary was directed to record the manner in which the convention received the news of emancipation in Missouri, and that a copy of the proceedings of this body be sent to each colored church in St. Louis.

Mr. Williams, of Gallia, offered a resolution expressive of the feelings of the Convention concerning the auspicious event, which was unanimously adopted.

Mr. Charles A. Yancy offered a series of resolutions recognizing the Divine Power in the ordering of this war, asserting the duty of colored men to yield unwavering support to the government, and proposing petitions to the authorities for the confiscation of the property of all colored men who evade their duty in this crisis. The resolutions were adopted.

On motion, the Publishing Committee was instructed to suppress all conflicting or synonymous resolutions.

Mr. J. H. Williams, of Chillicothe, offered a resolution commending Wilberforce University,2 Albany Enterprise Academy, Oberlin College and Iberia College, which was adopted.

Mr. Ward moved that one thousand copies of the minutes be printed. Carried.

On motion, it was resolved to place the sum realized from Mr. Langston's lecture in the hands of Elder G. W. Bryant, to be held subject to the order of the editors of those papers for whose benefit it is intended.

On motion, it was resolved that the members of this Convention shall constitute the members of the Ohio State Auxiliary Equal Rights League for the first year.

Mr. Jackson, of Greene, moved that General Butler's farewell address to the colored soldiers in the army of the James be published with the minutes.

On motion of Dr. J. McSimpson, a resolution of thanks to General Butler was adopted.


Afternoon Session.

President in the chair. Minutes read and approved.

Mr. Washington, of Franklin, offered a resolution condemning substitute brokers. Adopted.

On motion of Mr. Gassoway, of Muskingum County, the resolution offered by Mr. Yancy, concerning the confiscation of the property of colored men who evade their duty to the government, was reconsidered. The resolution was then indefinitely postponed.

Mr. Washington, of Franklin, offered a resolution recommending Mr. David Jenkins to the Executive Committee of the Equal Rights League as a suitable person to act as agent of the League. Adopted.

Rev. J. A. Warren offered a resolution of congratulation and advice to our brethren of the South, who are just emerging from the night of slavery. Adopted.

On motion of Rev. John A. Warren, the Convention adopted a resolution thanking the congregation of the Baptist Church, and the citizens of Xenia, for their kind treatment; also the officers of the Convention, for the manner in which they have performed their duties.

On motion, the Secretary was permitted to read the minutes of the entire day before the adjournment.

The Finance Committee reported the receipt of $22.99; expended $18.00; balance $4.99.

A vote of thanks to Messrs. Robert Hamilton and J. P. Sampson, editors of the Anglo-African and Colored Citizen, was adopted, when the Convention adjourned.


Champaigne County

Rev. Henry A. Jackson .....................Urbanna.

Henry Ford ..............................................."

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