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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, held in Xenia, on the 10th, 11th and 12th days of January, 1865 : with the Constitution of Ohio Equal Rights League.


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upon rebel prisoners the outrages inflicted upon colored soldiers.

The committee then arose and reported progress. The resolution offered by Mr. Thompson was then adopted. The resolution concerning the formation of a State League was taken from the table and adopted.

The Business Committee reported resolutions thanking Mr. David Jenkins for his services in procuring the passage of certain laws; declaring that the safety of the Republic demands that equal political rights be guaranteed to all in the territories and reorganized States; claiming promotion for colored troops; instructing the Executive Committee to prepare a digest of the Iaws of the State relating to colored schools, and publish them for the benefit of parties interested; recommending the printing of the address of the National Convention, &c.

On motion of Mr. P. H. Clark, the report was laid on the table until the afternoon session.


Afternoon Session.

President in the chair. Minutes read and approved. Resolutions reported by the Business Committee were taken from the table. After some discussion they were adopted.

On motion of Mr. P. H. Clark, it was resolved to tax each member one dollar, to defray the expenses of the Convention. The total amount paid was $64.1 a portion being contributed by the audience.

Mr. Kinney, of Zanesville, presented his credentials. Messrs. J. McSimpson and W. Gassoway denied his right to a seat, he not having been elected by a general meeting of the citizens, at which they received their appointment. The Convention decided that, under the call, he was entitled to a seat.

Rev. J. A. Warren moved a resolution appointing a committee to arrange for a lecture by Hr. J. M. Langston on the evening of the 12th of January, the proceeds to be applied to sending papers to the colored soldiers. Adopted.

Messrs. J. A. Warren, E. Davis, and G. W. Bryant were appointed that committee.

Convention resolved into a committee of the whole, Mr. David Jenkins in the chair.

Elder James Poindexter read the draft of a preamble and constitution of an auxiliary Leage.

On motion of Mr. J. M. Langston the organization of a League was made the special order of the evening session.


Evening Session.

M. David Jenkins in the chair. Minutes read and approved.

The special order being the consideration of the preamble and constitution of an auxiliary League, it was voted to consider the subject section by section.

Leave was granted Mr. J. M. Langston to read and explain the constitution of the National Equal Rights League.

On motion of Mr. P. H. Clark, the night session was extended one hour.

The committee then resumed the consideration of the special order. Article one and two were adopted. The blank in the third article was then filled by inserting Cincinnati. It was then adopted. The remaining articles and the preamble were then adopted seriatim, when the committee arose and reported the Preamble and Constitution of the Ohio State Auxiliary Equal Rights League, which was adopted by the Convention.

On motion of Mr. J. M. Langston, Messrs. P. H. Clark and Jackson M. Moore were appointed a Publishing and Revising Committee, and all monies remaining in the hands of the Financial Committee of the Convention were ordered to be placed in their hands, to defray the expense of publishing and distributing the minutes.

On motion of Mr. G. G. Collins, it was

Resolved, That the League, when organized, shall be incorporated.

On motion, article five of the Constitution was reconsidered.

On motion, it was resolved to insert in the article "and qualified" after the word "chosen." The article thus amended was adopted.

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