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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, held in Xenia, on the 10th, 11th and 12th days of January, 1865 : with the Constitution of Ohio Equal Rights League.


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OHIO, 1865

salary of one dollar per day and expenses, and that the said services be rendered immediately on the adjournment of this Convention, and that the money to pay for the same be raised at once by subscription.

Referred to the Business Committee.

On motion of Mr. David Jenkins, gentlemen present from counties not otherwise represented, were invited to seats in the Convention.

On motion, it was further resolved that gentlemen present from other States be invited to participate in the proceedings as honorary members.

Prof. Murray, of Pennsylvania, returned thanks for the honor conferred upon him, and introduced Mr. Robert Hamilton, of the Anglo-African, who sung, "When Slavery dies there'll be Freedom, &c."

The Business Committee reported resolutions, reading:

"Resolved, That we are in favor of our government, against all its enemies," &c.

Another, recommending the Anglo-African, Christian Recorder and Colored Citizen1 to the patronage of the people, and a series of five, commencing:

"Resolved, That, in the opinion of this Convention, the day is at hand when that unmitigated horror; that crime against God and humanity; that sum of all villainies; that hell-born and heaven-defying institution, of American slavery, known and hated by all men, shall cease to exist in the United States," &c.

The first two resolutions were adopted, and the first three of the last series. Pending the consideration of the remainder, the Convention adjourned, by the arrival of the appointed hour.

Evening Session.

President Poindexter in the chair. Minutes read and approved.

The consideration of the resolutions introduced by the Business Committee was resumed. On motion, the remaining resolutions of the series were adopted.

On motion of Mr. A. J. Anderson, the Convention resolved itself into a committee of the whole, Mr. David Jenkins in the chair.

A portion of the address of the National Convention to the people of the United States, was read by Elder James Poindexter.

It was moved that so much of the address as had been read by Mr. Poindexter, be adopted as the sense of this Convention. Laid on the table.

Mr. Henry Hurd read the draft of a petition to the Legislature, praying for the removal of disabilities on account of color. Referred to the Business Committee.

Mr. John Booker offered the following:

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Convention that the colored man or woman who will not do for a colored person, the circumstances being the same, what they would do for a white person, is unworthy of our respect or confidence.

After considerable discussion the resolution was adopted.

Eld. Rufus Conrad and Mr. Peter H. Clark were, on motion, added to the Business Committee.

The motion to adopt a portion of the address of the National to the peopIe of the United States, was taken from the table. Pending its consideration, the hour for adjournment arrived.

Morning Session, January 11th, 1865.

Vice President Jenkins in the chair. Prayer by Rev. J. A. Warren. Minutes read and approved.

The committee of the whole arose and reported progress.

On motion of Mr. A. J. Anderson, all unsettled questions were referred to the Business Committee.

Mr. A. N. Redman moved that M. David Jenkins be appointed an agent to press the claims of the colored man upon the Legislature. Laid on the table.

The Business Committee reported the following:

Resolved, That we proceed to organize a League, auxilliary to the National Equal Rights League. Laid on the table.

On motion of Mr. J. A. Thompson, the Convention resolved itself into a committee of the whole.

Mr. Thompson offered a resolution requiring the government to retaliate

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