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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, Held in the City of Cincinnati, on the 23d, 24th, 25th and 26th days of November, 1858.


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Cuyahoga County.--C. W. Richardson, Wm. Slade, David Crosby, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. T. H. Morris, Mrs. J. Moor, Mrs. Wm. Munson, Mrs. A. J. Davis. 340 BLACK STATE 'CONVENTIONS SIGNERS TO THE CONSTITUTION t o b e The use persons d f or whose t h e purposes names of follow, the Society: have paid the Sum opposite their' James C. Oliver, 50 cents; John Malvin, $1; ~m. E. Ambush $1; John Booker, $1; David Jenkins, $1; John Brown Redman, $1; Horace Morris, 51' Louis Overton $1' ~ $1' h ' to be The paid persons before whose the first names of follow February, have pledged for the purposes the sum oppo~ite' of the Society: their John Malvin, $2; William E. Ambush, $4; J. D. Harris $1. W Munson, $1' I $1; Jesse Devine, $1; E. P. Walker $1' Jas 'J h' 11. . ' , • 0 ' A. Dor Williamson, Galley, am, $1 $3; ; Ed $1; Jas. war d Chas. Johnson, G oodwin, H. m. To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Ohio: Your petitioners, citizens fully.ask.your honorable body to $i;'Jesse Collins Langston, $5; George $1; Williamson John ' '51ThO " JOhn~on $1' os. '$1: n J C. J. Abram Fiddler, 50 cents; Cash, 50 cents; Brown, 75 ~ent~. h, 25 cents; Cash, 25 cents; Miss Virginia C. Tilley,' , . rl. ~roy, $1; Peter Harb~son, $1; Thomas J. Goode, nsou $1" Ferguson, John I. Ga~nes, $1; Wm. $1; Darnes, A. M. Sumner, $1; John $1; Jackson Wm. H. $2' Fuller ROb~ $l'P' T' . B. $1; Lewis Tilford, $2; Josephus Fowler, Jr:, $1; Pet~r ~oy, Clark, $5; Ant. Freeman, $1; W. E. Alston, $2, Jernegan '$1' James Scott, $5; J. J. Williamson, $1; I. Mitchell $2.'Ch' H. Langston, $4; John H. Gurley, $3; John M. Langs~on '$lO~s. A. W. F~ddler, H: Day, $10; $1; Wm. J. D. J. Young, Watkins, $1; $10; P. F. Frances Fossett, E. Watki~s, $1; Mrs. '$10' " Fossett, $1; G. T. Butler, $1; Miss Josephine Darnes $1' M M~rY"Anne Aray, $1; Mrs. Eveline Cooper, $1; Miss Am~lia' rs. W~ll~ams, $1; Miss Josephine Turner, $1; Mrs. Mary GibSOn $1 Mrs. for the A. E. benef~t Le~is of and the Jane Society. Jackson, of get up a Fair or Le~ee . FORM OF PETITION of take the steps County, necessary State to of str

Oh' P Constltutl.On, a r t S And 0 f your 1 aws, pet~t~oners the ma.l~g k" word distinction "white," will wherever it occurs' ever on pray, account etc. of color , and or to a race. repeal 1 1 laws, " ,,;r, To advance the objects proposed in the pan of organization and'i tee to ra~se C. H. Langston, D. Jenkins, Frances E. Watkins, J. M. Langston, Peter H. Clark. t~e f~ve first hundred resolution, dollars: the follOWing persons were n~med an,'ri,nm'if,.'S To these were added the follOWing meetings in their respective counties donations, Slavery Society: and to collect pledges mad~ committees, whose duties are to hold and to make private solicitation for to the treasury of the OhidAnti- Cle bs De ley, is. Fr Mr Ha M LO W Lu Gr Brya Ro , M El J. R in 1. , above. 2. 'born in : William ,~fpoe '1854, ap ;tive in and the 'After th 'to Fento "Columbu "c closing 3. ':'Septemb "'Ohio, w two Ken Welling he was Kentuck people freed. he was Th United Oberlin , tions a >'victed

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