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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, Held in the City of Cincinnati, on the 23d, 24th, 25th and 26th days of November, 1858.


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The persons whose names follow, have paid the sum opposite their names, to be used for the purposes of the Society:

James C. Oliver, 50 cents; John Malvin, $1; Wm. E. Ambush, $1; John Booker, $1; David Jenkins, $1; John Brown, $1; A. Redman, $1; Horace Morris, $1; Louis Overton, $1; John C. Galley, $3; Jas. Johnson, $1; Jesse Collins, $1; Thos. Doram, $1; Edward Goodwin, $5; George Williamson, $1; J. J. Williamson, $1; Chas. H. Langston, $1; John Johnson, $1; Abram Fiddler, 50 cents; Cash, 50 cents; Brown 75 cents; Cash, 25 cents; Cash, 25 cents; Miss Virginia C. Tilley, $1.

The persons whose names follow have pledged the sum opposite their names, to be paid before the first of February, for the purposes of the Society:

John Malvin, $2; William E. Ambush, $4; J. D. Harris, $1; Wm. Munson, $1; Jesse Devine, $1; E. P. Walker, $1; Jas. Johnson, $1; I. M. Troy, $1; Peter Harbison, $1; Thomas J. Goode, $1; John I. Gaines, $1; A. M. Sumner, $1; Wm. H. Fuller, $1: P. B. Ferguson, $1; Wm. Darnes, $1: John Jackson, $2; Robt. Troy, $1: Lewis TIlford, $2; Josephus Fowler, Jr., $1; Peter H. Clark, $5; Ant. Freeman, $1; W. E. Alston, $2, Jernegan, $1; James Scott, $5; J. J. Williamson, $1; I. Mitchell, $2; Chas. H. Langston, $4; John H. Gurley, $3; John M. Langston, $10; W. H. Day, $10; Wm. J. Watkins, $10; Frances E. Watkins, $10; A. Fiddler, $1; J. D. Young, $1; P. F. Fossett, $1; Mrs. Fossett, $1; G. T. Butler, $1; Miss Josephine Darnes, $1; Mrs. Mary Anne, $1; Mrs. Eveline Cooper, $1; Miss Amelia Williams, $1; Miss Josephine Turner, $1; Mrs. Mary Gibson, $1. Mrs. A. E. Lewis and Jane Jackson, of get up a Fair or Levee for the benefit of the Society.


To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:

Your petitioners, citizens of __ County, State of Ohio, respectfully ask your honorable body to take the steps necessary to strike, from the Constitution, the word "white," wherever it occurs; and to repeal all laws, or parts of laws, making distinction on account of color or race.

And your petitioners will ever pray, etc.

To advance the objects proposed in the pan of organization, and in obedience to the first resolution, the following persons were named a committee to raise five hundred dollars:

C. H. Langston, D. Jenkins,

Frances E. Watkins, J. M. Langston,

Peter H. Clark.

To these were added the following committees, whose duties are to hold meetings in their respective counties, and to make private solicitation for donations, and to collect pledges made to the treasury of the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society:

Cuyahoga County. --C. W. Richardson, Wm. Slade, David Crosby, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. T. H. Morris, Mrs. J. Moor, Mrs. Wm. Munson, Mrs. A. J. Davis.

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