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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, Held in the City of Cincinnati, on the 23d, 24th, 25th and 26th days of November, 1858.


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339 OHIO, 1858 retary to keep a full and complete record of the doings of the Society and Executive Board, which record shall be open to the inspection of the mem- s of the Society at all times. And it shall be the further duty of the rding Secretary to keep all the books and papers belonging to the Society Executive Board at the office of the Society in Cleveland. And it shall be the further duty of the Recording Secretary to take charge of, and in good order, the office and business rooms of the Society. For the formance of these duties the Recording Secretary shall receive such compen- ion as the Executive Board may determine. The duties of the Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer shall be such as sually attach to such titles; the Treasurer giving bonds for the proper dis- : '($1,000) rsement dollars, of all funds and making that may report come to into the his Executive hand, in Board the of sum all of ~oneys one thousand re- ved by him, and expended under its order, at its quarterly meet~ngs. And it shall be the duty of the Executive Board to take charge of the particular nd gen~ral interests of the Society, and to make such needful rules and regu- iatiOnsfor the accomplishment of the object of the Society as sound dis- ~xecutive retion and Board necessity to make may an Chas. H. Langston, Rec. Sec'y. Horace Mo~ris, dictate. And it annual report of shall be the further duty of the all its doings to the Society at its annual meetings. Art. 7. The annual meetings of the Society for the election of officers, hearing the Annual Report of the Executive Board, and transacting other busi- nesS for the Society, shall be held in such places as the Executive Board may determine, on the first Monday of January in each year, after 1859. Art. 8. The Executive Board shall hold its first meeting at Cleveland, n the first Monday in February next, and quarterly meetings thereafter at ;aid city; at each of which it shall receive reports from its Agents.and Lec- turers in regard to all they have done, and all moneys collected; wh~ch reports shall be preserved by the Recording Secret~ry. It shall.also be ~he duty of the Executive Board at each quarterly meet~ng to settle ~n full w~th its Agents and Lecturers. Art. 9. All Agents and Lecturers in the service of the Society shall be loyed and directed in their labors by the Executive Board, and to the rd alone shall be accountable. Art. 10. The Executive Board shall receive for their services at each quarterly meeting (each quarterly meeting to be notlon~er than three days in i\:s sittings), one dollar per day, and necessary travel~ng expenses. Art. 11. All moneys in the hands of the Treasurer shall be drawn on the ~rderof the Executive Board, attested by the Recording Secretary. Art. 12. A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum fordoing all business pertaining to the interests of the Society. Art. 13. This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two- thirds of the members of the Society, at any annual meeting. In order that the funds necessary to put this organization in operation be raised by the first Monday of February next, at which time the Execu- ve Board will hold their first meeting, your Committee would recommend the 'adoption of the following resolutions: 1st. Resolved, That the Convention appoint fiyepersons,who shall pro- ceed immediately to raise five hundred State, and receiving donations for the dollars, benefit of by the holding Society, meetings and that in this said persons report their doings to the Executive Board of this Society, at its first meeting, and pay over to ,the Treasurer of the Society all funds by them collected. 2d. Resolved, That we recommend to the Executive Board, that they pay said persons just and reasonable compensation for their said services. JOHN M. LANGSTON, Pres't. John Malvin, Vice Pres't. Cor. Seely. J. Va Harris, Ex. Committee. E. P. Walker r John I. Gaines, D. Jenkins, Jesse Devine,

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