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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, Held in the City of Cincinnati, on the 23d, 24th, 25th and 26th days of November, 1858.


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Mr. A. Redman moved a vote of thanks to the citizens of Cincinnati for the hospitable spirit they had evinced. Adopted. A vote of thanks was them passed to the officers of the Convention, for their zeal and fidelity, as shown in the performance of their duties, When the Convention adjourned.


John M. Langston, Chas. H. Langston, J. H. Curley, I.. Mitchell, of Lorain Co.

E. P. Walker, of Lucas Co.

J. C. Oliver, John Malvin, Wm. E. Ambush, J. D. Harris, Wm. Munson, of Cuyahoga Co.

John Booker, David Jenkins, A. Redman, John Brown, of Franklin Co.

Jesse Devine, Horace Morris, John C. Gally, Louis Overton, of Greene Co.

Wallace Shelton, James Johnson, H. Parram, R. G. Ball, I.M. Troy, L.C. Flewellen, Jesse Fossett, Peter Harbison, C. F. Buckner, Phillip Tolliver, Thos. J. Goode, John I. Gaines, Wm. D. Goff, A. M. Sumner, W. H. Mann, Wm. H. Fuller, P. B. Furguson, Wm. Darnes, George Peterson, J. A. Bowan, R. Conarad, Capt. J. Hawkins, R. Debaptiste, Josephus Fowler, Jr., A. V. Thompson, of Hamilton Co.

T. Gross, A. N. Freeman, of Brown Co.

H. J. Andrews, V. Moore, of Clermont Co.

John F. James, of Ross Co.

Alfred J. Anderson, Alexander Proctor, of Butler county.

Asa Pratt, of Warren Co.

J.J. Williamson, of Delaware Co.


Believing that, by united and concentrated action, on our part, we can do much toward securing the immediate and unconditional abolition of American Slavery and the removal of the legal and social disabilities under which we suffer in the State of Ohio, and in the United States: And also, believing that such united and concentrated action can be secured in our State, through the instrumentality of as State Anti-Slavery Organization: Therefore, we do hereby agree to form ourselves into a State Anti-Slavery Society, to be governed by the following


Art. 1. This Association shall be called the Ohio State Anti-Slavery Society.

Art. 2. The object of this Society shall be, to secure by political and moral means, so far as may be, the Immediate and unconditional abolition of American Slavery, and the repeal of all the laws and parts of laws, State and National, that make distinctions on account of color.

Art. 3. To accomplish this object, the Society shall establish its Head Quarters permanently in the city of Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. There it shall have its office and business rooms. It shall also employ such numbers of Agents and Lecturers as may be needed to carry out the object of its creation.

Art. 4. Any man or woman may become a member of this Society, by subscribing to its principles as above expressed, and by making such contributions to its funds as he or she may be able.

Art. 5. The officers of this Society shall be: a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer, who shall hold their offices one year, or until their successors are chosen; and who, with five persons chosen from the remaining members of the Society, shall constitute an Executive Board.

Art. 6. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Society and the Executive Board. In his absence these duties shall be discharged by the Vice President. It shall be the duty of the Recording

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