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Proceedings of a Convention of the Colored Men of Ohio, Held in the City of Cincinnati, on the 23d, 24th, 25th and 26th days of November, 1858.


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OHIO, 1858

bus, O. S. B. Wall of Oberlin.

On motion of P. H. Clark, those having statistics in charge were directed to hand them over to the Publication Committee.

On motion of P. H. Clark the Finance Committee were instructed to pay the balance remaining in their hands after defraying the expenses of the Convention, to the Publication Committee.

On motion of D. Jenkins, the Committee were instructed to print five hundred copies, and distribute them equally among the members of the Convention.

On motion of John M. Langston, the morning hour of the Friday session was devoted to perfecting the organization of the Anti-Slavery Society.

President appointed Peter H. Clark, I. M. Troy and John I. Gaines members of the Publishing Committee.

Committee on form of petition reported a form, which was adopted. Recess.

Evening Session.

Convention met. President in the chair. Minutes read and approved. special order taken up. T. J. Goode moved that the resolutions be adopted singly. Agreed to. Messrs. W. J. Watkins, John M. Langston, and Wm. H. Day reviewed with severity the action of the American people in regard to the colored race, and advocated the right and duty of resistance by force of arms, when it was feasible.

John I. Gaines deprecated such advice to a weak, enslaved and ignorant people, with whom resistance, with any hope of success, was impossible. Adjourned.

Friday, Nov. 26th, 1858.

Convention met. President in the chair. Prayer by Mr. James Johnson. Minutes read and approved.

John M. Langston moved that the members of the Convention be constituted members of the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society.

On motion of Wm. Darnes, Peter H. Clark, John H. Gurley, David Jenkins, John F. James and J. D. Harris were appointed a Committee to nominate officers for the society.

Committee on Nominations reported for President, John M. Langston; Vice President, John Malvin; Recording Secretary, Chas. H. Langston; Corresponding Secretary, Horace Morris; Treasurer, J. C. Oliver; Executive Committee, J. Williams, D. Crosby, D. Jenkins, John I. Gaines, T. J. Goode, E. P. Walker, C. M. Richardson. Report received. The Convention ordered the name of Joseph Williams of Cleveland to be stricken out and that of J. J. Williamson of Delaware was substituted. After some debate, the report was referred to the committee.

On motion of John M. Langston,--C. H. Langston, D. Jenkins, John M. Langston, Miss Frances Ellen Watkins and Peter H. Clark were appointed a committee to raise the five hundred dollars contemplated in the resolutions appended to the Constitution.

Committee to nominate the officers for the Anti-Slavery Society reported the names of E. P. Walker, J. D. Harris, John I. Gaines, D. Jenkins, and Jesse Devine, for the Executive Committee. Approved.

Afternoon Session.

Convention met. President in the chair. Minutes read and approved. On motion of D. Jenkins the members from each county nominated a committee to solicit donations for, and collect pledges to the Ohio Anti-slavery Society. (See committees on page 25.)

Resolutions offered by Mr. John M. Langston were then taken up, and on motion of Mr. Darnes, the word ask was substituted. for demand, in the 1st resolution. The 1st, 2nd, and 3d resolutions were then adopted.

On motion of John I. Gaines, the resolution selecting Chillicothe as the next place of meeting, was reconsidered. Toledo was then substituted for Chillicothe. The State Central Committee was then re-organized, and E. P. Walker, J. C. Greener, George W. Tucker, Wm. Merritt, of Toledo, and John I. Gaines, G. J. Reynolds, and Wm. Munson, were constituted that committee.

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