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Proceedings of the State Convention of the Colored Men of the State of Ohio, Held in the City of Columbus, January 21st, 22d and 23d, 1857.


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Whereas, The accumulation of wealth has a great tendency to elevate any people, therefore

Resolved, That the Convention recommend to the colored people of this State to form in each county associations whose object shall be to unite the capital of our people for the purpose of buying real estate.

Resolved, That whereas a party favorable to the interests of the colored people, and of strong anti-slavery proclivities, is now in power in this State, therefore we most earnestly, yet respectfully, call upon them not only to real all of the remaining Black Laws of this State, but to strike out the word WHITE from the Constitution wherever it occurs.

Resolved, That we renew our recommendation to the colored people of State of Ohio, to proceed at once in every town where it is practicable, and where they cannot be enrolled among the whites, to form a military company or companies for the study of Scott's military tactics, and to become more proficient in the use of arms.

Resolved, That all male inhabitants (white or colored),above the age of eighteen years, of good moral habits, and who have resided in the town or place where they may make application for membership, one year next preceding such application only, shall form a part of the company, and we pledge our influence everywhere and at all times to their support.

Resolved, That we hail with pride the company now at Cincinnati, under the title of the Attuck Blues, and we hope its star may never go down; that it may live to be of service to our State, our people and country.

Resolved, That we are opposed to the agitation of colonization or emigration in every shape and form, if it means the removal of the colored people in the States to the North, South, Central America, Canada or Africa, believing such agitation to be detrimental to the best interests of the race, and we do pledge ourselves to resist it, come from what quarter it may.

Resolved, That if anyone desires to remove, and thinks by so doing he can better his or her condition, or that of his family, we recommend him to do so, but not to hazard the rights of those who choose to remain behind.

Resolved, That the utter impossibility of preaching the gospel of in its full purity and power in most of the Southern States of this nation, renders it incumbent upon those in the Christian Church of America to withdraw all ministers and churches from that section, thus obeying the divine command: -- When they persecute you in one city flee ye unto another;" and thus bearing their strongest testimony against the unpardonable sin of American -- Slavery -- teaching the slaveholder that he is self-excommunicated by his persistence in that foul practice.

Resolved, That the General School Law of Ohio, by putting the education of the colored youth of those districts where they number less than thirty, at the mercy of any narrow minded creatures who may be prompted by their illiberal prejudices to object to their admission into the public schools of the neighborhood, afflicts a grievous wrong upon those children, and works a permanent injury to the interests of the State of Ohio by keeping a portion of her people in ignorance, and as colored men and citizens of Ohio we protest against the wrong.

Resolved, That we earnestly request our people to avail themselves of the educational facilities afforded by our State, to insist that the school set apart for their especial use shall be properly graded and taught by competent teachers; to use well the advantages conceded and strive for more.

Resolved, That the Convention return thanks to the officers of the Convention for the impartial performance of their several duties.

Resolved, That the Convention return thanks to the City authorities of Columbus for granting us the free use of the City Hall.

Resolved, That the next State Convention be held in the city of Cincinnati, at a time designated by the State Central Committee.

Mr. John I. Gaines presented the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That we have heard with deep sorrow of the demise, since our last annual meeting, of L. D. Taylor, Esq., of Columbus, Ohio, who has been in public life among us for many years, and a member of nearly every State Convention.

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