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Proceedings of the State Convention of the Colored Men of the State of Ohio, Held in the City of Columbus, January 21st, 22d and 23d, 1857.


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country? Are we more ignorant than the thousands of poor white men in the States who can neither read nor write, as indicated by the census of 1850, and certain revelations made during the last campaign for President of the United States? Hon. Henry A. Wise,1 the eccentric Governor of Virginia, boasted in a public speech that in his district there were but few newspapers and free schools, and of course but few men, comparatively speaking, who could either read or write; and I suppose those were the gentleman's constituents. And yet such persons are allowed to vote for Franklin Pierce or James Buchanan,2 while an intelligent, educated and wealthy man of color is driven from the polls as though he were a dog. This monstrous injustice must be kept before the people, and since we have no organ to do it, no mouthpiece to tell our wrongs, we must avail ourselves of Conventions to spread the light. Long, then, may our annual meetings live! Long may they live to infuse a more catholic spirit, a more genial sentiment among the dominant class in Ohio towards the colored people!


Columbus, January 21, 1857.

Convention met as per call of the State Central Committee, in the City Hall.

Mr. Jenkins, of Franklin, called the house to order, and on his motion John Watson, of Lorain, was appointed temporary Chairman.

W. H. Burnham, of Cuyahoga, and J. A. Chancellor, were appointed temporary Secretaries.

On motion of W. P. Morgan, of Logan, a Committee of five was appointed on permanent organization. The Convention appointed the following gentlemen:

J. M. Langston, of Lorain: Granville Foster, of Highland; W. P. Morgan, of Logan; D. S. Bruce, of Harrison, and David Barnett, of Pike.

After a few minutes absence, the Committee reported the following gentlemen permanent officers of the Convention:

President -- John M. Langston.

Vice Presidents -- John Watson, W. P. Morgan, W. W. Johnson, John Booker.

Secretaries -- W. H. Burnham, Peter H. Clark, D. S. Bruce.

Business Committee -- D. Jenkins, C. H. Langston, P. H. Clark, J. A. Chancellor, David Barnett, John I. Gaines, John Malvin.

Finance Committee -- C. H. Langston, D. Jenkins, Jas. Evans.

When on motion of D. Jenkins, the report was adopted.

Whereupon the following gentlemen enrolled themselves as members of Convention:

Lorain County. -- J. M. Langston and John Watson.

Ross County. -- J. A. Chancellor and C. D. Williams.

Hamilton County. -- W. H. Fuller, Thomas J. Goode, W. H. Mann, Peter H. Clark, John I. Gaines and George W. Roots.

Pike County. -- David Barnett.

Highland County. -- Granville Foster.

Muskingum County. -- Fenton M. Harper.

Logan County. -- W. P, Morgan, W. Hocking, William Johnson, J. Archer, B. E. Heathcock, and W. P. Moxley.

Champaign County. -- William Walden.

Harrison County. -- D. S. Bruce and J. Manley.

Delaware County. -- Washington Wooldredge

Green County. -- John C. Jones and W. H. Hanster.

Clark County. -- Henry Washing and Robert Piles.

Wyandott County. -- A. A. Allen.

Licking County. -- Henry Lucas and William Henry.

Franklin County. -- D. Jenkins, John Booker, Allen Johnson, Augustus Anderson, James E. Evans, C. H. Langston, Isham Martin and Wilman Milton.

Cuyahoga County. -- W. Hurst Burnham, R. B. Leech and John Malvin,

The Business Committee reported the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That, in the language of John Wesley, Slavery is the sum of all Villainies, and ought to be resisted, even unto death.

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