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Memorial of John Mercer Langston for Colored People of Ohio to General Assembly of the State of Ohio

1854.OH-08.24 (2).pdf

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This promising young man has recently won, for himself, the respect and gratitude of the colored citizens of the State of Ohio, by his able and manly efforts to secure for them the abrogation of everything in the organic law of that State, making a discrimination between its citizens on account of color. It is hardly necessary to state, in our columns, the fact that, without making any merit of it, Mr. Langston permits himself to be known as a member of the despised colored race. He is known also as having born a very distinguished part in the proceedings of the greatest Convention ever held in this country by the colored people. Mr. Langston is a farmer; and what he does in the way of philanthropy and patriotism, has the merit of being at his own expense; and he is, therefore, all the more entitled to the grateful respect and affection which we believe he largely enjoys among the colored people throughout the free states.

We take pleasure in laying before our readers the following, which sufficiently explains itself, being a report on the subject, from a Committee of the Ohio State Legislature:

Report of the Select Committee on Petitions and Memorials from colored persons, in Senate, April 19, 1854. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed

The committee to whom was referred sundry petitions and memorials, asking the political enfranchisement of the colored citizens of Ohio, has had the matter under consideration, and herewith submits a bill providing for an amendment of the constitution of the State, in accordance with the wishes of the petitioners, and accompany the same with the following


The various reasons for extending the right of suffrage to colored persons are so ably set forth in the memorial of J. Mercer Langston, which was read to the Senate during the present session, and referred to this committee, that nothing further in the way of arguments seemed to be required. The committee therefore, adopts the language of that memorial and makes it a part of this report, and this course appears the more appropriate to the committee, inasmuch as Mr. Langston had been appointed by a State convention of colored people, to memorialize the General Assembly on this subject, he therefore, speaks by authority, and may be presumed to present the subject as it is understood and felt by the parties most interested. This report then is the plea of the colored citizens of Ohio, to their white fellow-citizens, and your committee

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