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Proceedings of the Convention, of the Colored Freemen of Ohio, Held in Cincinnati, January 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19, 1852.


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OHIO, 1852

qualifications as well as a deep interest in the welfare of the communities--certainly none other should be employed among us.

We therefore recommend the colored people of Ohio to petition the Legislature for the privilege of electing a Superintendent to oversee the public schools of this State.

We also recommend the formation of an Association of the teachers of the colored schools in the State.

We further recommend that the free schools in the State be supported and encouraged in preference to all others, for upon them depend the education of the colored youth of Ohio.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

J.M. Langston, P.H. Clark, J.I. Gaines, C.H. Langston, Wm. H. Day.

Report of Majority of the Committee on Emigration

The majority of the committee to whom was referred the subject of emigration, having given the subject all the consideration and attention which its importance demands and our limited time would allow would respectfully submit the following report:

1. Resolved, That we believe that the primary, secondary and ultimate object of the American Colonization Society, is the exportation of the free colored people from the United States, and thereby render the slave property more secure and valuable. We do, therefore, unconditionally, condemn the society and its advocates. Adopted.

2. Resolved, That in the voluntary emigration of the colored people of the United States, we see the only relief from the oppressions of the American people, and we believe that the concentration of the colored race at some point upon the continent, will react favorably upon the institution of slavery. Rejected.

3. Resolved, That we recommend a national convention of colored men to consider the subject, and appoint an agent who shall visit various portions of the western continent, with a view of determining the most suitable point for the settlement of our people, and the establishment of an independent nationality. Indefinitely postponed. Signed.

C.H. Langston, H.F. Douglass, P.H. Clark.


Minority Report on Emigration

1. Resolved, That it is not expedient for the free people of color of the United States to emigrate to any place out of these States while one slave is in chains.

2. Resolved, That we have not the means necessary to the accomplishment of the end, and had we them no nation has signified as yet a disposition to receive us as a body.

3. Resolved, That this is our native land--the land of our birth and inasmuch as birth gives citizenship according to the decision of the Supreme Court, it is our duty to contend for our rights as American citizens by all the moral and physical means which God has given us.

4. Resolved, That in consequence of these facts we recommend our people to remain in the United States. Adopted.

L.D. Taylor, L.C. Flewellen.

The Report on Agriculture

Fellow Citizens:

Your committee to consider the Agricultural interests of colored citizens of Ohio, have considered the subject in haste and beg leave to Report:

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