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Proceedings of the Convention, of the Colored Freemen of Ohio, Held in Cincinnati, January 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19, 1852.


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OHIO, 1852

time with this definite object in view, and we earnestly recommend the formation of such as soon as practicable.

7. Resolved, That they, the colored people, should not settle in large numbers in cities, but go to the country, cut down trees, split rails, and be farmers.

8. Resolved, That a colored man who refuses to shave a colored man because he is colored, is much worse than a white man who refuses to eat, drink, ride, walk or be educated with a colored man because he is colored, for the former is a party de facto to riveting chains around his own neck and the necks of his much injured race.

9. Resolved, That we are in favor of establishing a weekly journal in the State of Ohio, edited by a colored man, devoted to art, literature, morals, religion, and the political interest of the colored race.

10. Resolved, That we are in favor of the formation of a State Educational Society, the parent of which, to be located in Cincinnati or elsewhere, with branches for the purpose of establishing schools under the free school system of Ohio.

11. Resolved, That we are opposed soul and body to the African Colonization scheme.

12. Resolved, That the colored people of Ohio are loyal citizens and will defend the integrity and honor of the State when she shall have extended to her Sons, without respect to color, all the rights and immunities of American citizens.

13. Resolved, That we should unite ourselves in business transactions with the masses of the whites, so that the distinction of Irishmen, German, and African may be lost in the general appellation of American citizens.

14. Resolved, That this Convention recommend to all colored men in the State of Ohio, over the age of 18 years, to form themselves into independent military companies, when they cannot be admitted into white, to the end that they may acquire a finished military education, for the purpose of rendering efficient aid to this State or the United States in case of a foreign invasion.

15. Resolved That we recommend the teaching of the German Language in our schools, believing that it will prove a great auxiliary to our cause.

16. Resolved, That so far as the formation of character is concerned, much depends upon temperance, and we pledge ourselves to do all in our power to promote temperance reform.

17. Resolved, That we sympathize with the oppressed Hungarians and German Socialists in their efforts to throw off the yoke of despotism and re-establish their liberty, and that we hail Gottfried Kinkle and Louis Kossuth, and their representatives on this continent as the true apostles of European liberty.

18. Resolved, That we proffer to Kinkle and Kossuth our pecuniary means to aid them in their glorious struggle, and promise to them the same aid with our fathers gave the American revolution at the battle of New Orleans, and to Bolivar8 in the contest for Columbian independence.

19. Resolved, That tyranny in Russia, Austria and America, is the same and that tyrants throughout the world are united against the oppressed, and therefore the Russian Serf, the Hungarian Peasant, the American Slave and all other oppressed people, should unite against tyrants and despotism.

20. Resolved, That we sympathize deeply with the man Shadrach, of Boston, who fled from the American Fiery Furnace, to its contrast--the snows of Canada, with Jerry,9 who at Syracuse was transported from the American "Babylon," where like Jeremiah of old, he had been taken captive--with the men at Christiana10 who so honored a Christian name, by protecting their homes, and refusing to be made slaves; and have learned from their example that liberty is dearer than life, and eternal vigilance its only guarantee.

21. Resolved, In guarding our liberty, we will use the mildest means in our judgment, adequate to the end.

22. Resolved, That we look upon the law of God as being paramount to all human enactments and inasmuch as the fugitive slave law conflicts with that law, we believe it to be our duty to obey God rather than man, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and do all we can for the redemption of the slave.

23. Resolved, That to promote union, and render our action beneficial, we organize the State after the manner of the great political parties, with a

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