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Proceedings of the Convention, of the Colored Freemen of Ohio, Held in Cincinnati, January 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19, 1852.


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Ohio, 1852

Hamilton County

John I. Gaines, H.P. Spears, Isaac Wilson, Wallace Shelton, Lovell C. Flewellen, John Liverpool, Charles A. Rodgers, W. R. Casey, Joseph Fowler, Jr., Wm. Darnes, W. M. Nelson, Peter H. Clark, George W. Brodie, W. W. Watson, John Jackson.

On motion of John I. Gaines, a committee of five, consisting of H. P. Spears, H. Hurd, John Booker, J. M. Langston and Wm. Pinn, were appointed to nominate permanent officers for the Convention. In the absence of the committee, the Convention was addressed by C.H. Langston, of Franklin, setting forth the importance of united action.

The committee on nomination reported as follows: President, John. M. Langston of Lorain; Vice Presidents, John Booker of Franklin, Wm. Darnes of Hamilton and W. M. Nelson of Hamilton. On taking the Chair the President addressed the Convention in substance as follows:

Gentlemen of the Convention:

The honor which you have conferred upon me was entirely unexpected. My inexperience and youth wholly precluded any such hope on my part. I thank you for the honor--indeed it is an honor in my humble opinion, greater than the honor done Millard Fillmore1 by the American people, in calling him to the Presidency of this country. For in his position he is trammelled by an unjust public sentiment, a sentiment adverse to him or freedom. While the object of this Convention is, to oppose this public sentiment and further the cause of Liberty and Equality.

The subjects which we are to consider are of great importance. The education of our children--the Agricultural interests of our people--the temperance movement among us--the course which we are to pursue during our stay in this country and the plan of emigration which we shall adopt if we see fit to go out of this country, are matters for our most calm and deliberate consideration.

It is my sincere hope, that harmony and kind feeling will pervade the entire action of the Convention.

With indulgence and assistance, I hope to be able to discharge the duties imposed upon me by you, with impartiality and fairness. Again, gentlemen, I return my thanks.

A committee of five were then appointed to report business for the action of the Convention, consisting of John I. Gaines, C. H. Langston, C. A. Rodgers, J. L. Ward. On motion, W .H. Brisbane and J. V. Smith, were admitted to seats as reporters for the "Ohio Times" and "Cincinnati Gazette."

The following committees were on motion, appointed:

On Rules--L. D. Taylor, L .C. Flewellen, Rev. W. Shelton, Hanson Johnson, and Rev. C. Yancy.

On Finance--W. W. Watson, W. R. Casey and G. W. Broady.

On Emigration--C. H. Langston, H. F. Douglass, P. H. Clark, L. C. Flewellen and L. D. Taylor.

On Address--D. Jenkins, C. H. Langston, H. F. Douglass, W. R. Casey and Rev. C. Yancy.

On Education--J. M. Langston, J. I. Gaines, C. H. Langston, W. W. Watson and W. H. Day.

On Agriculture--Henry Hurd, Wm. Pinn, A. Pratt, D. Roberts and Rev. C. Yancy.

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