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Minutes of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, Convened at Columbus, Jan. 15th, 16th, 17th and 18, 1851.


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county, during which time the committee on organization being ready to report, the gentlemen gave way, the report was as follows:

For President, David Jenkins of Franklin county; for Vice Presidents, J. Mercer Langston of Ross, H. F. Douglass of Cuyahoga, H. H. Ford of Champaign, Wm. Roberts of Clark; for Secretaries, W. Hurst Burnham, Charles H. Langston; for Chaplain T. N. Stewart.

The President on taking the chair, spoke as follows:

"Gentlemen of the Convention, the honor you have conferred upon me is undeserved, and never before having the privilege, of occupying a position so responsible in your deliberations, I shall look to you for support in the faithful discharge of the arduous duty devolving on me, as President of this Convention. The object of this Convention, has already been stated by gentlemen who preceeded me, and it only remains for me to thank you for this token of your approbation.

"I have been battling for the last ten years in this State, for the attainment of the elective franchise, with what success I leave you to judge. I only claim for myself sincerity of the purpose, the Emancipation of the Slave, and the Elevation of the Colored American, half free, has been the loftiest aspirations of my heart. For the attainment of this object, I have ever strove to be at my post, ready to march in any direction to meet a subtle foe. It is true that the 'Aldebarian of our hope,' is obscured and 'may not shine upon us for many days,' yet success is certain and victory sure, let us put our trust in him,

Whose cause is ours,

In conflict with unholy powers,

We'll grasp the weapons he has given,

The light, and the truth, and love of Heaven.

"Gentlemen, again thanking you for the honor you have done me, I resume my seat."

On motion of L. D. Taylor, a committee of five were appointed, to report business for the Convention. The committee consisted of J. McCarter Simpson, chairman, L. D. Taylor, H. Ford Douglass, Wm. P. Morgan, and Sterling Heathcock.

On motion, a committee of three were appointed, on finance: John Booker, Chairman, Wm. Hope, H. H. Ford.

It was on motion of Doct. C. H. Langston, agreed that the Convention meet at 9 o'clock, take a recess at 12 M., re-assembling at half past 3 P.M., and adjourning at 5 P.M.

On motion it was resolved that Hamilton Campbell be admitted to a seat in the Convention, for the purpose of taking a report of the proceedings of the Convention, for publication in the daily papers of the city. Carried.

J. McCarter Simpson offered a resolution, that a committee of five be appointed to prepare anti-slavery music, for the opening and closing of each session of the Convention.

On motion of J. Mercer Langston, on the adoption of the above resolution, it was amended as follows, that J. McC. Simpson prepare music for the Convention. Carried.

On motion of Mr. Simpson, it was resolved that persons present from counties not represented and those who have been regularly delegated and have their credentials, shall constitute this Convention.

While the above was pending, the hour of 12 o'clock, M., arrived, and the session closed.

Afternoon Session

The convention me pursuant to adjournment. The President in the Chair. Prayer by the Chaplain. The question was on the adoption of Mr. Simpson's resolution.

After a full discussion it was unanimously adopted.

The Chairman of the business committee reported a preamble and resolutions.

On motion of C. A. Yancy, they were laid on the table to be taken up resolution by resolution.

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