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Minutes of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, Convened at Columbus, January 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, 1850.


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H. F. Douglass was appointed for Cuyahoga County, J. L. Watson for Lorain County. Afterwards it was agreed to leave the appointment to the State Central Committee.

A letter was then read from Henry Hurd, the substance of which was ordered to be inserted in the minutes of the Convention.

A motion was made that the Secretaries prepare the minutes for publication in the Ohio standard; which was adopted.

A letter was read from Justin Holland, the substance of which was ordered to be inserted in the minutes of the Convention.

On motion, D. Jenkins was appointed to ascertain the cost of publishing the proceedings. Mr. Jenkins, having made an inquiry concerning the cost said that the amount would be about thirty dollars, if no larger as to size and number of copies (500) than the proceedings of the last Convention.

The Financial Committee reported that they had collected $33.58 cents.

The report was received and adopted.

The Committee appointed to take into consideration L. W. Minor's letter, reported through their chairman, C. H. Langston, that, should there be any moneys left or received, after printing the proceedings of the Convention, the said money should be applied to the liquidating of the said claim.

Mr. Nichols, of Franklin, arose on permission of the Convention, and stated that there was no necessity of the colored people establishing an independent paper at this time, as the Editors of the Ohio Standard were willing to devote a part of their columns to the interest of the colored peopIe of the State.

Mr. C. H. Langston asked, if the Editors were willing to change the name so as to read, "Ohio Standard and Voice of the Oppressed?"

Mr. Nichols said he thought they would let that or any other name be over the columns devoted to their interest.

The report was adopted.

The Ladies attending the Convention proposed to defray the expenses of the house for the sitting of the Convention.

Whereupon, W. H. Day moved that the Convention tender their sincere thanks to them for their geniune patriotism.

A vote of thanks was also tendered to the Trustees of the A.M.E. Church.

L. D. Taylor then moved that the committee on the Press be instructed to confer with the Editors of the Ohio Standard, and make such arrangements as they may deem best; which was adopted.

The Convention having resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, J. M. Langston in the Chair; the committee, after a few minutes sitting, arose and reported that the gentlemen on the old statistical committee were unable to report.

Whereupon a motion was then made that the same committee act for ensuing year.

The following gentlemen were added to the old list:

Rev. Samuel Jones, of Mercer County.

John Jackson, of Hamilton County.

J. Purnell, of Madison County.

H. Ford, of Champaign County.

F. Wilson, of Warren County.

D. Roberts, of Seneca County.

T. Crawford, of Delaware County.

Dr. C. H. Langston offered the form of a petition to be presented to Legislature; which was adopted.

It was voted to fill the blank, as to Superintendent for the Colored Schools, with the name of William H. Day.

The Convention then adjourned sine die.


The resolutions are not placed in the order in which they upon, but more according to the subjects contemplated in each.

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