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Minutes of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, Convened at Columbus, January 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, 1850.


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with seven chosen from the remaining members, shall constitute the Executive Committee, and shall all hold their offices one year, or until others are chosen.

7th. The duties of the President, Vice President, Secretaries and Treasurer, shall be those usually attaching to their respective titles, the Treasurer giving bonds in the sum of $500. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be, in the interim of the meetings of the League; to take charge of the particular and general interests of the League, be wide awake to promote them, either by helping the fugitive or otherwise--by encouraging or discouraging lecturers in the State, and to perform any duties which this League may reasonably and constitutionally impose upon them.

8th. The Annual Meetings of this League, for the election of officers, hearing the annual report of the Executive Committee and Treasurer, and transacting business for the Association, shall be held on the last Wednesday of October in each year.

9th. All Agents and Lecturers in the service of this League, shall be employed and directed in their labors, by the Executive Committee; and to them alone shall be accountable.

10th. Whenever undue sectional influences, in the doings of this League, are apprehended by any ten of its members, any number of members from any county shall be entitled to no greater number of votes than the number of representatives of such county in the State Legislature.

11th. This Constitution may be altered or amended, by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at the Annual Meeting.

The Officers of the League were then elected, which were as follows:

J. L. Watson, President.

J. Watson, Vice President.

Lewis Adams, do.

John Mercer Langston, Recording Secretary.

William H. Day, Corresponding Secretary.

John Gee, Treasurer.

J. W. Stuart, Executive Committee

G. R. Williams,

The following gentlemen, appointed to receive the funds for Lecturers, were then voted a part of the Executive Committee of the Colored American League:

J. Poindexter, L. D. Taylor, D. Jenkins, C. H. Langston, and John Booker.

Mr. William H. Day informed the Convention that he was now in the employ of the "Oberlin Colored American League," and would have to be governed to a great extent by their decision, as to where he should go, and how long he should occupy the field. He stated this to avoid being misapprehended; but he thought the League for which he was acting would coincide in the decision and recommendation of the Convention.

A Letter was received from Mrs. Scurry. It was moved that it be inserted in the minutes of the Convention.

Mr. G. R. Williams moved that the resolution in relation to adjournment, be considered, which was carried.

On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet in the Hall of the House of Representatives, at 7 o'clock to listen to speeches from the gentlemen appointed for that occasion--Messrs, Day, Watson and Langston.

The Convention adjourned to meet on Saturday morning, at nine o'clock A.M.

Ninth Session, Saturday Morning.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment. The President in the Chair.

Prayer was offered by Elder Jones.

The reading of the Minutes of the preceding session was omitted.

The subject of the Press came up, and gentlemen were called on to subscribe what they would pay for the support of the paper.

A committee of one from each county, was appointed to make arrangements for the speakers, as they travelled through the various counties.

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