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Minutes of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, Convened at Columbus, January 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, 1850.


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The select committee of seven appointed to take into consideration the propriety of establishing a PAPER, reported through their chairman Langston.

The committee appointed to draft a constitution for the league, reported through their chairman, W. H. Day, which was laid on the table.

On a motion, a select committee of five was appointed to revise print the proceedings of the convention, consisting of the following men,--viz:

D. Jenkins,

C. H. Langston,

G. R. Williams,

Wm. Copeland,

J. Mercer Langston.

On motion of D. Jenkins, the question to print the proceedings in pamphlet form, was reconsidered. He moved to amend it by inserting the Ohio Standard.

Mr. Douglass said, he was opposed to printing the proceedings in the Ohio Standard; he wished every man in the State should read them, so that they might see that we were not insensible to the demonstrations in favor of liberty, now shaking the entire nation. He further contended, that, if they were printed in pamphlet form, they would be more durable,--he would have handed down to posterity as a lasting memento of the struggle for our rights.

J. J. Pearce, said that he was in favor of pamphlet form, and that he wanted the people of this State to know what we are doing it for ourselves.

Mr. Yancey then moved to amend the resolution by "circular form," which motion was lost.

The question on printing in pamphlet form, was carried by the casting vote of the President.

The select committee on sustaining the speakers, reported through their chairman, C. H. Langston, a plan for dividing the various parts of the State. The report being under consideration--

On a motion of W. H. Day, the words "and no longer," were stricken out: the report was then adopted.

Mr. W. H. Day reported a constitution for the government of the League, which was then taken up and adopted.


Whereas, three millions of our brethren and sisters are yet in bond's; and Whereas in the free States, the colored man is only nominally free; and Whereas, the elevation of the colored man must depend mainly upon himself; believing, that by union, we can better attain the liberation of our brethren in bonds, and the elevation of the colored American, half-free, we hereby agree to form ourselves into a State Society, to be governed by the fol articles:

1st. This Association shall be styled, The Ohio Colored American League.

2nd. Its object exclusively shall be to forward the objects contained in the Preamble, namely, the liberation of the slave and the elevation of the colored American, half free. And, laying aside all jealousy, we will "help the cause along" to the best of our ability.

3d. Any man or woman subscribing to the principles of this League, as above expressed, shall become a member, by paying into its treasury or the treasury of its auxiliaries, annually, not less than the sum of fifty cents.

4th. County Associations or Leagues, auxiliary to this, may be formed in each county of the State, and shall be entitled to a representation in the Annual Meeting of the Association.

5th. A certain portion of the funds of each Auxiliary, shall be paid into the Treasury of this League, on or before the day of its annual meeting; otherwise, the representatives of such Auxiliary shall not be entitled to vote in said Annual Meeting.

6th. The officers of this League shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, a Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer, who,

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