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Minutes of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, Convened at Columbus, January 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, 1850.


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Seneca County--D. Roberts.

Muskingum County--W. H. Burnham.

Ross County--G. R. Williams, Dr. C. H. Langston.

Franklin County--J. Poindexter, D. Jenkins, L. D. Taylor, J. Booker, P. Letchford, W. S. Davis, J. M. Brown, T. Washington, T. J. Goode, J. H. Johnson, D. Hart, D. Trent, W. Copeland, J. Bennett, J. Freeland.

Licking County--Morgan Melton.

Highland County--J. W. Delany, J. Taylor.

Montgomery County--John Jackson, Thos. Jefferson.

Pike County--G. W. Evans.

D. Jenkins moved that a committee of one from each county represented, constitute a committee to nominate permanent officers for the Convention.

The committee having the retired, the Convention was entertained by eloquent speeches from Messrs. H. F. Douglass 1 and Wm. H. Day.

The nominating committee having returned, reported through their chairman, C. H. Langston, the following gentlemen as officers for the Convention: J. L. Watson, President; L. D. Taylor, W. H. Burnham, John Watson of Lorain and John Gee, Vice Presidents; and Jas. Monroe Jones, C. A. Yancy, K. Artis, and George R. Williams Secretaries. J. P. Underwood and J. D. Pattison were appointed Chaplains to the Convention

W. H. Day moved that the report be adopted.

While the motion was pending, Wm. Copeland moved to amend report, by striking out the name of J. L. Watson from the list of permanent officers of the Convention. He said he thought that the young members of the Convention ought to be placed in office, in order that they might become acquainted with conventional affairs.

Mr. J. Mercer Langston then arose and made a most eloquent speech [in] favor of sustaining the original list of officers. He said that Mr. Watson was the wheel horse" of the Reserve, and had devoted his time and talents in defense of the colored men of the States. He eulogized the manly conduct that had characterized Mr. W's whole life as an Anti-slavery Lecturer. He therefore thought the Convention ought to place him in the Chair, as a of respect to one who had so well deserved it.

The question on the adoption of the original report was called for, an the report Was unanimously adopted.

Whereupon. Messrs. W. H. Day and G. Adams were appointed to escort the President Elect to the Chair. The President, on taking the chair, made a very appropriate address; which was received with shouts of applause from members of the Convention.

On motion of L. D. Taylor, Jefferson's Manual was adopted as the [guide] for the Convention.

D. Jenkins moved that the Convention appoint a business committee,consisting of one from each county represented; Whereupon the following gentlemen were selected as a business committee: John Mercer Langston, of Cuyahoga; D. Jenkins, of Franklin; Dr. C. H. Langston, of Ross; T. H. Johnson, of Greene; John Gee, of Gallia; A. Strauder, of Fairfield; J. D. Pattison, of Champaign; Thos. Brown, of Lorain; F. Wilson, of Warren; J. J. Pearce, of Eric; J. Lott. of Geauga; D. L. Moss, of Pickaway; J. P. Underwood. of Jason; J. Purnell, of Madison; S. Jones, of Mercer; W. H. Burnham, of Muskingum, G. W. Evans, of Pike; N. Morgan, of Clark; G. Hilton, of Morgan.

It was then moved by L. D. Taylor, that W. H. Day, of Lorain, be Chairman of the Business Committee. Mr. Day asked to be excused on account of his being expected to report the daily proceedings of the Convention for the Cleveland True Democrat and other papers.

J. Mercer Langston was then chosen Chairman.

On motion of Dr. C. H. Langston, a Financial Committee consisting of three, was appointed. The following gentlemen composed the said committee: C. H. Langston. W. H. Burnham and J. Booker.

The Convention then adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock P.M.

Second Session, Wednesday Afternoon.

The President in the Chair. The Minutes of the morning were read, corrected and approved.

Calls were made for someone to address the Convention. After several calls from the audience, W. H. Day rose and made some very

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