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Minutes and address of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, convened at Columbus, January 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 1849.


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We ask that we may be one people, bound together by one sheltered by the same' impartial law.

Citizens of Ohio--We have had put into our hands copies of a memorial the General Assembly, signed by David Christy, Agent of the American Colonization Society, speaking of the increase of the colored people in the West, a especially in the State of Ohio. He urges their increase as a reason why the Legislature should furnish money to transport colored people from this Stat to "Ohio in Africa." We wish him 1st to show to candid minds, if he can, that the increase of the colored people in this State, is an evil. He basely hints that we are a nuisance in your midst, and gratuitously informs you that you thus consider us, and that therefore you do not intend to repeal your black enactments. We as gratuitously, and with abetter right, inform you, that we independently but humbly beg leave to differ with Mr. Christy and Colonization Society, and say, we believe you do.mean to repeal the enactments against us, and also, that whether they are repealed or we mean, in the spirit of our resolution, here to remain amid the broken columns of our of liberty, and cry, "Repeal, Repeal, Repeal," until that repeal is granted.

To those in this State who have labored in our behalf, we tender our , heartfelt thanks: we ask them still to labor; but while they labor we them not to despise us. In the spirit of the heathen slave, and we hope as intelligently, we each say, "Homo sum, atque humani nihil a me alienum puto"--"I am a man, and I think that nothing is estranged from me which pertains to humanity"--and therefore entitled to all the privileges--moral, mental, political and social, to which other men attain. We ask for no more--no less privileges than ye yourselves would desire to enjoy under the same circumstances.

To the Colored Citizens of Ohio, we would echo the voice of the Convention and say, come out, as soon as possible, from situations called degrading--encourage education--be temperance men and women---resist every species of oppression--serve God and humanity. Let us go to work. In our Platform the principles of action are laid down. Let us study them--Iet us practice them--humbly--independently, and, devising means for sustaining them, thus inform our opposers that we are coming--coming for our rights--coming through the Constitution of our common country--coming through the law--and relying upon God and the justice of our cause, pledge ourselves never to cease our resistance to tyranny, whether it be in the iron manacles of the slave, or in the unjust written manacles for the free.

In behalf of the Convention,

Yours in bonds,

William Howard Day,

Charles Henry Langston,

Wallace Shelton,

David Jenkins,

John M. Brown,

John L. Watson,

James S. Thompson,




Elder Wallace Shelton,

Charles M. Wilson,

John I. Gaines


E. Cumberland.


George R. Williams.

Van Wert

Henry Taylor.


David Jenkins.


Moses Walker.

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