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Minutes and address of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, convened at Columbus, January 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 1849.


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19. Resolved, That this Convention take measures to establish a Newspaper, in some of the towns in this State, which paper shall be the the people.

20. Resolved, That the Conference of colored men or association that is afraid to speak out against the monster, SLAVERY, when they have an opportunity so to do, and while their own brethren are in bonds, is not only undeserving of our confidence, but deserving of our deepest reprobation. And we further believe that the man, be he white or colored, who wrapped in ecclesiastical dignity, shuts his pulpit against the claims of God's suffering poor, whether those claims be presented in the anti-slavery, temperance or other causes, is not unworthy.only of the name of minister, but of the honored appellation, MAN.

21. Resolved, That we regard the conduct of that portion of our people who fellowship those men who treat them as things and not as men, or those that do, and who will not encourage in their churches the elevation of the colored people, and who vote for men-stealers to fill the highest offices in the gift of the people, thereby tightening the chain upon three millions of our brethren in the South, as highly detrimental to our elevation, at war with the injunctions of the Bible, and contrary to the progressive light of the age.

22. Resolved, That we are determined to consider all colored men who do not treat other colored men on terms of perfect equality with the whites in all cases, as recreant to their dearest cause, and should be esteemed outcasts.

23. Resolved, That we consider the treatment of the "Ohio Stage Company" towards colored persons unjust--a species of slavery of the blackest die--emanating from the blackest hearts--therefore deserving the contempt and reprobation of every colored man and his true friend; and we further believe that the Stage Houses and other hotels in Ohio, that will not accommodate respectable colored persons, ought not to be patronized by our professed friends, where they know of other houses of different principles.

24. Whereas the ladies of England, Scotland, Ireland and France have made strenuous efforts in behalf of right, liberty and equality, in giving their burning rebuke to the God-defying institution of American Slavery, and protesting against the contemptible conduct of that miserable wretch, H. G. WARNER, in excluding from the Seminary in Rochester the child of the far-famed Frederick Douglass,13 therefore

Resolved, That the conduct of those ladies and gentlemen in this respect has our hearty approbation and united concurrence, and we hail it as an omen of the time when the world of mankind will be engaged on the side of outraged and oppressed humanity.

25. Resolved, That a Central Committee of [illegible] four of them in Franklin County, be appointed, to call a State Convention whenever they in their judgment may deem it expedient.

26. Resolved, That the Central Committee be hereby instructed to call a Delegated and not a Mass Convention.

27. Resolved, That we hereby recommend that the next National be held in Detroit, Mich., sometime in the year 1849.

28. Resolved, That the Convention elect twenty-three Delegates to attend the National Convention, provided that the National Convention be held the next State Convention.

29. Whereas we believe in the principle that who would be free, him self must strike the blow; and

Whereas Liberty is comparatively worth nothing to the oppressed, without effort on their part, therefore

Resolved, That we recommend to our brethren throughout the Union, that they thanking their white friends for all action put forth in our behalf, pursue an independent course, relying only on the right of their cause and the God of Freedom.

30. Resolved, That the course of Messrs. Hale, Giddings, Root who have advocated our claims in the U.S. Congress, merits our sincere and highest approbation.

31. Resolved, That we in our efforts for elevation, recognize no word as FAIL.

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