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Minutes and address of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, convened at Columbus, January 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 1849.


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4. That to elevate ourselves as a people--to toss from our shoulders dead weight in the way of our religious, political and social elevation, concerted action is necessary.

5. Resolved, That the Convention make it obligatory on its members to persuade men to put in practice the acts passed in the Convention.

6. Resolved, That we will never submit to the system of Colonization to any part of the world, in or out of the United States; and we say once for all to those soliciting us, that all of their appeals to us are in vain; our minds are made up to remain in the United States, and contend for our rights at all hazards.

7. Whereas, we believe it necessary to enlighten the public mind in this State as to our condition, and

Whereas, the colored people need to be aroused and encouraged, and

Whereas, the living speaker is a powerful enginery to accomplish these ends therefore

Resolved, That we recommend to the different towns and counties of the State, to create a fund to sustain and remunerate a colored man as Lecturer, to traverse the State for the purposes above named.

8. Resolved, That a committee of seven be appointed to prepare an Address to the People of this State, and report the same to this Convention as early as possible.

9. Resolved, That we the colored citizens of the State of Ohio, hereby declare that whereas the Constitution of our Common country gives us citizenship, we hereby, each to each pledge ourselves to support the other in claiming our rights under that Constitution, and in having the laws oppressing us tested.

10. Resolved, That we hereby, now and forever refuse to vote for or support any man for office, who will not go for us and ours in common with other

11. Whereas, we believe with the "Fathers of '76," that taxation and representation ought to go together.

Resolved, That we are very much in doubt about paying any tax upon which representation is based, until we are permitted to be represented.

12. Resolved, That we still adhere to the doctrine of urging the slave to leave immediately with his hoe on his shoulder, for a land of liberty, and would accordingly recommend that five hundred copies of Walker's Appeal, and Henry H. Garnet's Address to the Slaves, be obtained in the name of the Convention, and gratuitously circulated.

13. Resolved,That we urge all colored persons and their friends to keep a sharp look out for men thieves and their abettors, and warn them that no person claimed as a slave shall be taken from our midst without trouble.

14. Resolved, That we recommend to the colored inhabitants throughout this State, immediate and energetic action on their part, in aiding our brothers and sisters in fleeing from the prison-house of bondage to the land of freedom; and furthermore we declare that he who would not aid our brothers and sisters in this most glorious cause, should by every community be published to the world as a bitter enemy to the cause of justice and humanity.

15. Resolved,That the attempt to establish churches or schools for the benefit of colored persons EXCLUSIVELY, where we can enter either upon equal terms with the whites, is in our humble opinion reprehensible.

16. Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to recommend a school system which may be used until school privileges are granted us in this State.

17. Resolved, That we hereby recommend to our people throughout the State to give their children mechanical trades, and encourage them to engage in the agricultural, professional and other elevating pursuits of the day. And furthermore,

Resolved, That every clergyman who feels the importance of this Resolution be hereby requested to read it or lecture upon it once to his congregation.

18. Resolved, That we establish a Parent Anti-Slavery Society at this Convention, and appoint State officers, and recommend County Societies as auxiliary to said Parent Society. [For want of time amended by appointing a committee of three to draft a Constitution for the government of a Parent Society--the committee to report at the Convention.]

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