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Minutes and address of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, convened at Columbus, January 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 1849.


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Majority Report

Whereas, the question of colonization in the United States, is being greatly agitated, and whereas, certain colored men, together with whites, the United States, have taken a position relatively to the matter which deem incorrect, detrimental and destructive to our interest; and whereas, we deem it expedient for us to define our position on this point, determined at any hazard whatever, never to submit to any scheme of colonization, in any part of the world, in or out of the United States, while a vestige of slavery lasts; therefore,

Resolved, That in the event of universal emancipation, taking our freed brother as our coadjutor and helper in the work, prompted by the spirit of the fathers of '76, and following the light of liberty yet flickering in our minds, we are willing, it being optional, to draw out from the American government, and form a separate and independent one, enacting our own laws and regulations, trusting for success only in the God of Liberty and the Controller of human destiny.

All which is respectfully submitted.

J. Mercer Langston, W. Hurst Burnham, Committee.

Mr .J. L. Watson of Cuyahoga, dissenting from the report of the majority, begged leave to submit the following

Minority Report

Gentlemen of the Convention:

The undersigned, a minority of the committee to which was referred the following resolution, would respectfully recommend its adoption.

"Resolved, That we will never submit to the system of colonization to any part of the world, in or out of the United States; and we say, once for all, to those soliciting us, that all of their appeals to us are in vain. Our minds are made up to remain in the United States, and contend for our rights at all hazards."

All which is respectfully submitted.

J. L. Watson, Committee.

Rev. J. M. Brown resumed his remarks. Mr. Merritt here rose to a point of order. Point, violating the 11th of the standing rules of the Convention. Chair decided point not sustained.

The 21st resolution, then under consideration, was adopted.

On motion, W. H. Burnham and G. R. Williams were appointed to assist the Secretaries in making out reports of the proceedings of the Convention for publication in the Daily Standard.

On motion, the resolution relating to adjournment was then taken up. An amendment was offered by Mr. Williams that Convention adjourn to-morrow at two o'clock, P.M. Amendment lost.

Mr. Burnham moved that we adjourn to-morrow at two o'clock, A.M. Amendment adopted. The resolution as amended was then adopted.

The 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th were adopted.

The 13th resolution was then read, pending which Convention adjourned.

Sixth Session, Friday Afternoon.

Convention met, according to adjournment President in the chair. Convention opened with prayer by Elder Shelton. The journal was read, corrected, and approved.

13th resolution was then read and adopted.

25th resolution was passed, and the following gentlemen were appointed a State Central Committee: David Jenkins, James Poindexter, Lorenzo D. Taylor, Rev. John M. Brown of Franklin, Elder Wallace Shelton of Hamilton, Dr. C.Henry Langston of Ross, and John L. Watson of Cuyahoga.

The 7th resolution was read and adopted. After the nomination and declination of several gentlemen, Mr. D. Jenkins was appointed to canvass the State.

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