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Minutes and address of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, convened at Columbus, January 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 1849.


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Mr. Copeland moved for an adjournment, which being waived,

Mr. Watson of Lorain, in accordance with the resolution passed by the Convention, "that the Convention hold public meetings every night during session" moved the Convention now appoint speakers. On motion, Messrs. Watson of Cuyahoga and Shelton were appointed.

Mr. Copeland renewing his motion, Convention adjourned.

Third Session. Thursday Morning, Nine o'clock.

Convention met according to adjournment, President in the chair. The Convention was opened with prayer by the chaplain. The Secretary in making his report begged the indulgence of the Convention for its imperfections owing to the unusual amount of business on hand.

During the reading of the report Mr. Jenkins moved that the report be amended by striking out the name of Eli Nichols from the committee on curing the Hall, which was objected to by Messrs. Watson of Lorain, Watson of Cuyahoga, and Nooks. Dr. C. H. Langston, thought it was contrary to the genius and spirit which ought to characterize the Convention; was opposed t the appointment at first, thought we ought to show to the world that we were capable of doing our own business. Mr. Depp was opposed to the amendment spoke fervently in favor of the Report as it was. After a discussion "in extenso," pro and con, by several gentlemen, the main question was put, which was, should Mr. Nichols' name be stricken off, which was carried. The Secretary finished reading the minutes of the last meeting, which were agreed to.

Third Resolution, which had been laid on the table from Wednesday afternoon, was taken up and after some discussion, adopted.

The fifth Resolution was then read and discussed by Messrs. Poindexter and Watson of Lorain.

Mr. Poindexter rather questioned the ability of the Convention to pass any measures which would really prove a benefit, thought it was better merely to recommend measures and not enforce them; he was apprehensive least the Convention should pass measures which were not practicable.

Mr. Watson replied to Mr. Poindexter, did not believe in persuasion, but in enforced action.

Mr. Poindexter moved that the fourth resolution be altered so as to read ,resolved, that the Convention make it obligatory on its members to persuade men to put in practice the acts passed in the Convention, which alteration was carried.

Mr. J.M. Langston, from the committee, to which was referred the third resolution, reported, which after an amendment by Dr. C.H. Langston, adding to it the third and fourth sections of the act of '93, was adopted. On motion of Mr. Jenkins, a committee of three were appointed to draft a memorial to Congress, setting forth some of the disabilities of the law, which was carried. Committee consisted of Messrs. Jenkins, Day, and Dr. Charles H. Langston. It was moved by Mr. Taylor, that the memorial to Congress be signed by the Officers of the Convention. The chairman of the business committee reported further, a platform in accordance with that read on the first day. It was moved that the report of the committee be laid on the table, which was lost. It was moved that resolution 8th, appointing a committee of seven to write an address to the people of the State, be taken up, which was carried. It was moved that the house appoint four of the committee. The committee were Messrs. Day, C.H. Langston, Shelton, Jenkins, Brown, of Franklin, Watson, of Cuyahoga, and Thompson. It was moved by Mr. Brown of Franklin, and seconded, that a committee of three be appointed, whose duty it shall be to report the opinion of this Convention in regard to the observance of one day out of seven as the Lord's day. On motion of Mr. Jenkins, it was referred to the business committee.

The 6th Resolution was then read, pending which resolution, the Convention adjourned.

Fourth Session, Thursday Afternoon.

The Convention met according to adjournment, President in the chair. The Convention opened with prayer by the Chaplain. It was moved and carried, that the resolution pending from the morning session be taken up. The Chairman of the business committee here begged leave to introduce several additions to the resolutions.

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