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Minutes and address of the State Convention of the Colored Citizens of Ohio, convened at Columbus, January 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 1849.


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Therefore, let us not be slothful, but diligent, doing all we have the ability to do; so that if we must be made longer to bleed beneath the cruel infliction of ignorance, prejudice, and heathenish proscription, we may at least, amidst our sufferings, have this consolation--"That we have exerted ourselves to the uttermost to escape the bloody scourge."

TO THE COUNTY COMMITTEE.--You, gentlemen, are expected to co-operate with the Central Committee in bringing together, to form this Convention, a body of independent, fearless and talented men--men in whose hearts burns unquenchably the love of liberty; and who will permit no surmountable obstacle to work any intermission in their efforts to come at once into the most complete enjoyment of that liberty which they love. There are such men; and reasonable exertion will suffice to assemble them together. Hitherto, our Conventions have been made up of men who had received the suffrages, and been sent up by the authority of their constituents. Under that arrangement, there is reason to suspect that in very many instances those most thoroughly acquainted with our grievances, and the best qualified to remedy them, have from their faithfulness in reproving whatever evil they have seen prevailing in their respective communities, incurred the displeasure of their fellow-citizens, and been repudiated by them as busy-bodies, meddlers in other men's matters; while those who have stood by, cordially assenting to the shouts of the multitudes, knowing nothing about the interest of the people, and caring less, are sent up to do business for our oppressed people. In order that this, as well as other evils resulting from the old order of things, may be averted, we have proclaimed a Mass Convention, thus affording every man who feels the weight of the yoke, and is tired of wearing it, and has sufficient intelligence to contribute aught to remove it, a fair opportunity to do so.

J. Poindexter,

J. Booker,

Wm. Ward,

W. Dept,

P. Litchford,

A. M.Taylor,

N. M. Copeland,

Isaiah Redmar,

E. Fields,

State Central Com.

The North Star, December 8, 1848.



Hamilton County

Elder Wallace Shelton, James McGowan,

Charles M. Wilson, Joseph Bennett

Ross County

Dr. C. Henry Langston, George R. Williams

J. Mercer Langston, John T. Ward

Franklin County

Wm. Copeland, T. Jefferson Goode,

David Jenkins, Robert B. Goode,

J. Monroe Cardozo, Emanuel Butler,

Rev. John M. Brown, Moses Redman,

John Booker, J. William Lyons,

Frank Boyd, Wm. Lyles,

Peyton Shelton.

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