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Proceedings of the Colored Men's Convention of the State of Michigan, Held in the City of Detroit ,Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 12th and 13th, '65, with Accompanying Documents. Also, the Constitution of the Equal Rights League of the State of Michigan.


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Mr. Johnson, of Jackson, would support the resolution. Resolution adopted.

On motion of Mr. Paul, the resolution was ordered to be sent to the Hon. Chas. Sumner, Maj. Gen. B. F. Butler,5 Wendell Phillips, Esq., and Mrs. Laura Haviland.

Mr. Rice, of Detroit offered the following:

Resolved, That in view of the many obstacles, difficulties, and embarrassments that our brethren the freedom of the South have to encounter in their struggles from a state of slavery to that of liberty, causes our very hearts to burn within us. We assure them that we as their brethren--many of us have worn the same galling yoke--fully comprehend their position, and they have our united sympathies, believing that the day for equal rights and justice at home to all men is near.

On motion of Mr. Washington the resolution was received and considered, and on motion of Mr. Evans, of Battle Creek, adopted.

Mr. Washington, of Detroit, moved that the constitution be read and considered by sections.

Mr. Roberts, of Adrian, moved a substitute to the resolution, that a committee of three be appointed to revise and correct the constitution, and report to this convention. Substitute agreed to. The chair appointed Mr. Roberts, of Adrian, Paul, of Detroit, and J. D. Carter, of Detroit.

Mr. Paul moved that the committee have power to add to their number not to exceed two. Agreed to. The committee afterward added Messrs. Woods, of Detroit, and Johnson, of Jackson. On motion the convention adjourned until 3 o'clock.

Afternoon Session, September 13th, 1865, 3 o'clock.

The Convention re-assembled. Roll called and quorum present. Religious services were conducted by Mr. Grinton, of Marshall. Minutes read, corrected and adopted.

Mr. Roberts moved that the Convention appoint a committee on printing. Carried.

Mr. Roberts moved that G. W. Lewis, of Adrian, be chairman of the Printing Committee. Carried.

On motion of Mr. Parker, H. J. Lewis, of Hudson, was also appointed on Printing Committee.

On motion of Mr. Roberts, Mr. Paul was added to the Printing Committee.

Mr. Rice, from the Business Committee, read the address to the people of the State of Michigan. Received and adopted.

Mr. Roberts, from the Committee on Constitution, reported, recommending the constitution of the National Equal Rights League, (with certain amendments to meet requirements of the State,) for the government of the Equal Rights League of Michigan. [Note--This was the constitution adopted in the January convention--Secretary.]

Mr. Parker moved that the report be received. Carried.

Mr. Rice moved that the constitution as read be adopted. Carried.

Mr. Anderson moved to reconsider the vote, which after considerable discussion was adopted.

Mr. Washington moved to adopt by sections. Carried.

Mr. Wells, of Ypsilanti, took exceptions to the last section, and asked for explanations, after which the constitution was adopted.

Some considerable discussion arose as to when the League should meet. Several gentlemen proposed September, and Mr. Parker proposed the 22d of February. The first Tuesday in September was at last agreed upon.

On motion of Mr. Lewis, of Adrian, the chair appointed Messrs. Rice, Anderson and Parker to nominate officers for the League.

On motion of Mr. Roberts the chair appointed Messrs. Roberts, Gillam and Parker a committee to nominate the representatives to the National Equal Rights League at Cleveland.

Mr. Rice, from the Committee on Officers, presented the following gentlemen as officers of the Equal Rights League for Michigan:

President--James Fields, Esq., M.D., of Adrian.

Recording Secretary--H. J. Lewis, of Hudson.

Corresponding Secretary--B. Dolbeare Paul, Detroit.

Treasurer--Geo. W. Lewis, of Adrian.

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