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Proceedings of the Colored Men's Convention of the State of Michigan, Held in the City of Detroit ,Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 12th and 13th, '65, with Accompanying Documents. Also, the Constitution of the Equal Rights League of the State of Michigan.


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Mr. Rice, of Detroit--He was in favor of the resolution.

Mr. Paul, of Detroit--Have any of the gentlemen applied for admission?

Mr. Rice--I am not aware that they have.

By request the Secretary read the resolution again, and

Mr. Rice moved to amend it by striking out the word "invite."

Mr. Roberts, of Adrian--I did not offer the resolution for contention. If we are not capable of acting for the people of the State, why there must be some great men here (Detroit.)

The amendment being put was carried.

Mr. Lewis, of Adrian, moved the following resolution:

Resolved, That this Convention appoint a committee of one to learn what concessions the so-called Bureau are willing to make, so as to effect a union and report the result to this Convention in writing.

Mr. Cullen would support the resolution.

Resolution lost.

Mr. Anderson, of Battle Creek, moved "That we do now proceed to form a State Equal Rights League."

Mr Carter, from the Finance Committee, made the following

Report on Finance

Your Committee on Finance would respectfully submit that they have received in contributions the sum of the two hundred and seven dollars ($207.00) to meet the expenses of the Convention and to qualify the delegates from the State Equal Rights League to seats in the National Equal Rights League. The committee desire to express their gratification at the generous manner in which the delegates have responded to the solicitation of your committee--which they view as another mark of the confidence reposed and interest felt in the objects contemplated by the Convention.

Mr. Lewis, of Adrian, moved that the report be received and adopted. Carried.

Mr. Anderson's resolution was then considered and adopted.

After some desultory conversation

Mr. Roberts, of Adrian, moved to refer the matter to the Business Committee, to report to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock. Carried.

Mr. Rice, of Detroit, moved that the Secretary be instructed to forward the proceedings for publication to the Christian Recorder and Anglo-African3 of New York. Carried.

Wednesday Morning, September 13th, 1865, 9 o'clock A.M.

The Convention reassembled pursuant to adjournment, the President in chair.

Prayer by the Rev. J. W. Brooks, of Ann Arbor. Minutes of preceding sessions read and adopted.

Mr. Anderson, from the Committee on Credentials, presented the names of S. Wells, of Ypsilanti, and O. C. Wood, of Detroit. Mr. Wells being qualified took his seat. Mr. Wood was admitted on motion of O. P. Anderson.

On motion, S. Fowler, of Eaton Rapids, and Wm. Watts, of St. John, were made honorary members of the Convention.

Mr. Parker, of Detroit, introduced the following resolution:

Resolved, That we point with exultation and pride to that epoch in history which records the noble, patriotic, philanthropic and humane deeds of our much beloved and ever to be praised late Chief Magistrate, Abraham Lincoln, who, though tardy, yet sure in the march to the prison house, there to unlock the door and let the poor slave go free. May his name be ever cherished in the memory of all impartial lovers of liberty until the last day of recorded time.

Mr. Roberts, of Adrian, moved to receive the resolution.

Mr. Anderson, of Battle Creek, moved to refer the resolution to the Business Committee. Lost.

Mr. Roberts moved that the resolution be adopted.

Mr. Lewis, from the Business Committee, presented the following report to the organization of a League for this State.

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