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Proceedings of the Colored Men's Convention of the State of Michigan, Held in the City of Detroit ,Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 12th and 13th, '65, with Accompanying Documents. Also, the Constitution of the Equal Rights League of the State of Michigan.


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representatives in convention assembled, January 25th and 26th, respectively, having failed to meet the object for which it was instituted, the undersigned, members of the Equal Rights League the State of Michigan, and others, do hereby call a mass convention of the colored people of the State, for the following, among other reasons, to-wit:

1st. That your representatives were not permitted to take part in the deliberations of the meeting of the Equal Rights League on the 1st day of August, as provided in the constitution.

2d. That the officers of the Bureau, at Detroit, did, without the consent of the Executive Board, or your representatives, set aside the constitution and institute another, which your representatives could not and did not adopt.

3d. That in defiance of the expressed will of your representatives, the said Bureau did, then and there, in the aforesaid meeting of the Equal Rights League, held in the Methodist chruch at Detroit, proceed to transact business for and in the name of the people, without sanction, and in defiance of the expressed wish of your representatives, and that the said Bureau did furthermore elect representatives for the people, to represent the people in the National Equal Rights League, meeting,2 to be held in the city of Cleveland in September ensuing, under protest.

For these reasons, we the undersigned, members of the State Equal Rights League, and others, do hereby call a mass convention of the people of the State, to be held in the city of Detroit, on the twelfth day of September next, A.D., 1865, for the purpose of organizing another Equal Rights League, and for the purpose of organizing another Equal Rights League, and for the purpose of obtaining an opinion of the people of the State. Therefore, be it

Resolved, That that portion of the officers of the State Bureau, located in the city of Detroit, who were instrumental in perpetuating such a gross outrage upon the people's rights, by first insulting and then excluding their representatives, and that too, without the sanction of law, merit our hearty disapproval.

Resolved, That the alteration of the constitution of the State League, in order to cater to the wishes of men whose only object is to rule, should meet with the reprobation and contempt of all honest men and women.

Resolved, That we, as legitimate members of the State Equal Rights League for the State of Michigan, do most solemnly enter our protest against this outrage, upon the principles of right and justice.

Resolved, That we, the people of the State of Michigan in convention assembled, on this twelfth day of September, 1865, do hereby declare that all proceedings and doings of the former conventions, meetings, and societies, and leagues, heretofore convened for the object contemplated, by the National Equal Rights League, null and void, and of no effect whatsoever.

Mr. Anderson moved to strike out the second resolution of the Declaration of Sentiments.

Mr. Lewis, of Hudson, said he thought the section out to be modified, and proceeded to argue at length in defense of his position.

Mr. Rice, of Detroit, said that some gentlemen had been insulted, and if concessions were to be made it ought to come from the so-called Bureau.

Mr. Rice of Detroit, said that he was decidedly opposed to any concessions being granted, if any overtures were to be made they should come from the other side. He had been informed that a prominent gentleman of this city had gone to the President of the so-called Bureau, and stated that he deprecated the course pursued by them, and he was sure that the people would not sanction their proceedings. The President replied, that he did not care, for the people. Mr. Parker proceeded to relate the proceedings of the League on the first of August.

Mr. Lewis of Hudson, argued against the section, and in favor of its being struck out.

Mr. Roberts, of Adrian, in an eloquent and forcible speech, urged the expediency of the resolution being struck out.

Mr. Lewis, of Adrian, said that he had conversed with the gentlemen of the gentlemen of the Bureau, and they had stated that they did not intend to conciliate parties, but they were prepared to carry the matter to the National League. He was in favor of the report.

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